What is Circuit Sage?
Circuit Sage is the ultimate online destination for circuit designers to gain experience, share their knowledge, and improve their skills. It is created for circuit designers by industry experts in the fields of System Design, RF/Analog/Mixed-Signal Design, and Digital Circuit Design.

Circuit Sageís intuitive online tools will enhance the learning experience of circuit design students by allowing them to focus on learning concepts and streamline the design process for semiconductor industry professionals, helping them reduce the time-to-market of their ICís. Blogs, forums, tutorials, articles, and Web seminars will allow circuit designers worldwide to exchange ideas and perspectives and learn from each other.

Circuit Sage is also an online networking site where you can connect with fellow engineers. You can create a profile that summarizes your professional accomplishments. Your profile helps you find and be found by former colleagues and customers. You can expand your network of contacts by inviting other circuit designers to join Circuit Sage and become part of your network. Your network consists of your connections, tools to link to others, linking you to thousands of qualified professionals.

Why Join Circuit Sage?

  • Itís free!
  • Access to online tools that will help reduce your circuit design time. More are on the way!
  • Access to forums, blogs, events and seminars.
  • Ask questions to the experts in forums
  • Access to a resource center Ė Online articles, tools and books
  • Network with other circuit designers.
  • Create your own private network by creating a group for a specific subject or purpose
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