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Jan 24 2010
01-24-10 9:00 am - kepulauan seribu
Outbound training is training in outdoor activities or outdoor fun and challenging. Form of activity is the simulation of life through creative games, either individually or in groups, with the aim of ...
Organized by: Wijayatama Wisata
Jul 29 2009
07-29-09 8:30 am - RICHMOND, BC V6X 4A6 (Canada)
Learn how to take advantage of the latest technologies, including graphical programming and NI FPGA-based PAC hardware, to lower the cost of industrial measurement and control. This free three-hour s ...
Organized by: National Instruments
Jul 23 2009
07-23-09 1:00 pm - Santa Clara, CA, USA
Learn how simulation and measurements can improve your circuit design flow by increasing productivity, reducing prototype iterations, and shortening your productís time to market. At this FREE, half- ...
Organized by: National Instruments
Jun 8 2009
06-08-09 8:00 am - Cambridge, MA
This course covers the circuit and system design of equalized high-speed I/Os. Today's high-speed interfaces are limited by the bandwidth of the communication channel, tight power constraints, and noi ...
Organized by: MIT Professional Education
Feb 10 2009
02-10-09 9:00 am - Stone House Hotel, U.K
A one-day course intended to address the needs of board designers and electronics engineers, who wish to be fully aware of the implications of modern RF design. Ideal for those needing to appreciate t ...
Organized by: Premier EDA Solutions
Nov 24 2008
11-24-08 8:00 am - Philadelphia, PA
There are at least 10 classes of RF Power Amplifiers, and several combinations of these classes. This 2-day course provides a detailed explanation of the various classes of RF Power Amplifiers, and wh ...
Organized by: R. A. Wood Associates
Nov 17 2008
11-17-08 8:00 am - Dallas, TX
This 5-day course provides technical professionals with the design concepts required to optimize the RF performance of digital and software defined radio systems. This course will include a brief intr ...
Organized by: Besser Associates
Nov 10 2008
11-10-08 8:00 am - Amelia Island, FL
The course provides a bottom-up, hierarchical approach to the subject of analog circuit and systems design using standard CMOS technologies. Simple modeling techniques are used to gain an understan ...
Organized by: AICDesign.org
Nov 1 2008
11-01-08 5:00 pm - Hughes room
he popularity of Aloha(-like) algorithms for resolution of contention between multiple entities accessing common resource is due to its extreme simplicity and distributed nature. For more than four de ...
Organized by: U.C. Berkley