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Lumped Balun Design  
This tool calculates the Ls and Cs value of the lumped balun that transform single ended impedance to differential impedance.

Series Resistor DAC Array  
This tool calculates the fixed and switch-able element resistance for N binary weighted switch-able resistance from the nominal resistance value, specified range coverage and numbere of binary weighted bits. The tool is useful in circuits like Filter, ADC, resistor DAC etc where switched resistors are used for tuning against process variations.

System Noise Figure to SNR  
This tool calculates signal to noise requirement of a system from given channel bandwidth, sensitivity and noise figure required at the output of the receiver for demodulation.

Receiver Blocker to PLL Phase Noise Requirement  
This tool calculates phase noise requirement at given offset from a given blocker.

Image Rejection to EVM/SNR  
This tool calculates magnitude and phase error on Receiver EVM.

This tool calculates noise figure of a system from given channel bandwidth, sensitivity and signal to noise required at the output of the receiver for demodulation.

System Conversion  
Simplifies conversion from SNR to EVM and vice versa

Power Conversion  
Simplifies conversion from power to voltage and vice versa

Spiral Inductor Calculator  
This tool calculates inductance for different spiral inductors. The output is an estimate of the inductor value. For accurate results full EM simulation is recommended. The tool equation is referenced from IEEE JSSC 1999 paper "Simple, Accurate Inductance Formulas" by S.S. Mohan et al.

PLL Type 2 Design with Extra Pole  
This tool calculates PLL loop components. This algorithm is simple, in that it leaves the charge pump current sizing to the user. In practice the loop filter resistor is sized for the phase noise requirement, which in turns leads to a charge pump current requirement. The bandwidth is sized to suppress fractional-N noise or reference spur noise, which is dependent on phase noise requirements. The sizing also does not account for variation in Kv.

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