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Tim Starkie
ELY CB6 3LT, United Kingdom
Profile Information

Professional History:
Extensive 38 yr RF/IC. PCB and IC. 10GHzRFIC. Now RF & IC design Consultant Feb 2007 on. Since designed 3 RF PLLs (10MHz to 450MHz), 2 bandgaps, LDO regulator,0.18µ CMOS;Low power 4,6,& 8bit DACs,& data comms system for a satellite Rx/Tx;in 0.25µBiCMOS

Educational History:
BSc Physics Uk Manchester University
MSc (Masters in Physics)UK Manchester University

GBP 290030 Ultra wideband antenna. (S11 better than -10dB over 1GHz to 10GHz).


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