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Bangalore, India
Profile Information

Professional History:
1 ) I am working as a microprocessor design implementation engineer at AMD India design center Bangalore from May 2006. Presently I am working on a 4-core microprocessor design at 45nm process node. Responsibilities include
Semi-custom/Custom gate l


Educational History:
M.Tech in Electronics from NIT ( REC ) Calicut with
8.84/10 CGPA. (2003-2005) ( 2nd position in the college )
AMIE (equivalent to Btech) in Electronics and Communication.
70.7%. (All India First Rank ) (1999-2003)
3 year diploma

Soman Purushothaman, A Simple 4 Quadrant NMOS Analog Multiplier with input range equal to VDD and very low THD, Published in IEEE Electro-IT Conference 2008.
Soman Purushothaman, An Improved Super Source Follower with low Output Impedance to d


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