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Yan Dan Lei
singapore, singapore
Profile Information

Professional History:
Motorola(China) Electronic LTD July 1994-Sep1997
Position: Product Engineer

Aiwa Singapore Ltd Oct 1997-Jun 2001
Position: R&D Electronic Senior Engineer

Agilent Singapore LTD July 2001-July 2004
Position: Senior R&D Engineer

Educational History:
Level: Master of Science
Field of Study: Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Major: Integrated Circuit Design
Institution Name:

1. P.B. Khannur, X.Chen, D.L.Yan, D.Shen,, B.Zhao, M.K.Raja, Y.Wu, A.B Ajjkuttira, W.G.Teoh, R.Singh, “An 860 to 960MHz RFID reader IC in CMOS” 2007 IEEE RFIC Symposium, Jun, 2007.
2. D.L.Yan, T.H.Teo, Y.B.Choi, W.G.Yeoh “ A low power FSK M


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