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Posted by audreygypsy on May 27, 2013, 5:25 am
Diablo 3 : The poor demon hunter mf route recommended
A slight accumulation of the equipment, is now able to run amok ACT1, ACT2 a little difficult, so the main ACT1. Equipped with MF equipment, the mercenary selected church with a shield, mercenary equipment only consider the value of MF, garbage does not matter. Plus mercenary addition, no BUFF body 116%. Play, I slow down and bomb kite monster, <a href="http://www.cheapd3gold.com">diablo 3 gold</a> do not ask, say no more.
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Strongly recommended that: the strange case of kill, the jar will kick, the body must touch the the weapons rack will touch, do not leave any objects there may be things out on the route you pass through, this is the true meaning of MF!
Route options:
Election ACT1, Imprisoned Agel (probably translated into Chinese imprisoned angel), into the game, by the WP sent to Highland Crossing (Highland Crossroads?), Cross the bridge to find the underground city, road, blue strange strange gold decisive kill.
Tips: connection Highlands bridge jammed larger strange, If you hit a combination of BT's assault cattle (such as mobs invincible + XXOO) the recommended location of the kite to the bridge, stuck cows will not come casual child. The Blue Cow bulky had not come.
Taurus with calf over, or invincible, WP side of the upper right corner there is a hole through the Spider Queen room. The invincible Mavericks lead past the hole, TP back to the city WP pass back to continue child Taurus. Less!
Went on to say, find the underground city into the inside layer inside the cave, rugged encounter 3-4 <a href="http://www.cheapd3gold.com">d3 gold</a> wave elite, suitable deceleration + mine kite
The second layer will brush gorgeous big box
The Highland Crossing the underground city after brushing, TP back to the city, WP transfer to Northern Highland (Northern Highlands?)
Where the upper-left corner of the map underground city, the Cathedral's style, many casks, divided into 2 layers, 3 to 4 wave elite, a small box of 2 to 3, the second layer will brush gorgeous big box
The Highlands two holes in the ground after brushing with a 5 layer BUFF WP sent to the mission area, go all the way down, the warden, and finally destroy the butcher, and then rest, and then repeat ......
Time-consuming normal about 40 minutes along the massacre of about 10 <a href="http://www.cheapd3gold.com">diablo iii gold</a> elite group, about three treasure goblins and two BOSS
Their own slightly Point MF value of to 5 stacks BUFF, Kim Eng drop 2 to 3 gold, gold warden 3-4, butcher 3-5 gold
Week off the feeling that dark gold weapons is a tragedy, which can certainly not identify are rubbish, really can not afford to hurt ...
However, you can not deny the excitement and anticipation of the Unique Items,
Good luck to you!

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