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Posted by audreygypsy on May 14, 2013, 10:06 am
Hair Dos and Don'ts
Lady Gaga’s green wig<br/>
If you want to be experimental but you're a touch scared, DO follow Lady Gaga's lead and play with <a href="http://www.doduu.com/wigs-c-1552.html">wigs</a>. This curly green number might not be the best place to start, though. <br/>
Blake Lively’s gorgeous golden up<br/>
DO remember what suits you. We breathed a collective sigh of relief when Blake Lively went back to her gorgeous <a href="http://www.doduu.com/diva-beautiful-synthetic-straight-long-wig-p-22878.html">golden blonde hue</a>, which she wore in an easy, pinned-back style to the BAFTA Brit party in LA over the weekend - the perfect look for meeting hosts Prince William and Kate Middleton, we might add. <br/>
Lady Gaga’s structured bob<br/>
Is it a <a href="http://www.doduu.com/wigs-c-1552.html">wig</a>, or is it a freshly snipped new bob? Whatever it is, we reckon Gaga's structured <a href="http://www.doduu.com/100-human-hair-straight-short-bob-wig-p-22308.html">20s-style bob</a> is a big rock 'n' roll DO. To be worn with bagfuls of attitude, of course… <br/>
Lily Cole’s New York blowdry<br/>
DO add volume to a flat style with a voluminous blow dry, like Lily Cole's. Add extra oomph by tonging some large barrel curls into the ends, and combing over into a side parting.

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