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Posted by olivebailey on May 14, 2013, 9:48 am
Pink Tartan Fall 2013 backstage beauty: Bold brows and blonde “country club” wigs
The hair: “Kim wanted something very playful, <a href="http://www.dudool.com/c/short-wigs-c-1558.html">short</a>, bouncy, with lots of curl and movement. Something fun that represents Pink Tartan to its core, but vintage. This is good girl gone bad, but still classic.” – Jorge Joao, Redken lead stylist<br/>
- The most important request was that all models at Pink Tartan Fall 2013 look the same, meaning Jorge Joao and his team were styling <a href="http://www.doduu.com/wigs-c-1552.html">wigs</a> backstage instead of actual hair. To get the right “country club” look no hot tools were used on the wigs—it was more about “re-vamping it” by applying shine serum and then setting the hair with a blast of hairspray. And to ensure the wigs fit, every model had her natural hair “wig wrapped and capped off,” making for a backstage that looked more like Sid Neigumthan classic Pink Tartan.

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