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Posted by annadengchi on August 27, 2014, 2:02 am
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In september, Johnson Johnson said it will phase out triclosan and a host of other chemicals that could be harmful to people or the oxygen. for quite some time, A number of consumer and ecological groups, Including environmentally friendly Working Group, Have pressured businesses to remove the chemical, Which might or most likely are not listed in ingredient labels. (Whether disclosure is required depends on the agency regulating the product.).

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dan Feingold, Reported his patient's interfering with behaviors improved when their diets were changed. Through several double blind studies, dr. Feingold could conclude food additives, exceedingly food dyes, and additionally salicylates, which were chemicals that occur naturally in most fruits, encouraged ADHD (attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Like conduct,

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Petrolatum is situated in crude oil and its by products. It is believed to have been located when a substance was found clogging up the machinery on oil drilling sites. In 1859 a 22 yr old chemist from Brooklyn, NY named Robert Augustus Chesebrough went to Pennsylvania to check out an oil well.

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