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Posted by yaogming30 on August 2, 2014, 7:43 am
Fonejacker - New comedy genius

If you have not had a chance to look at the latest Channel 4 series fonejacker, but seem to come across it where ever you go, here is a quick overview of the super hit series. Fonejacker is a television series that follows the exploits of the multi-talented actor Kayvan Novak, as he makes prank calls to people all over the UK. Each fonejacker episode begins with definition of fonejack which is defined as ?seize control of a telephone conversation by farce esp. to divert it from reason and logic?
<a href="http://www.kobe9.net">Cheap Kobe 9</a>. Of course, since fonejacking is all about making prank telephone calls, the telephone conversation is usually accompanied by on screen animations that look similar to a Monty Python cartoon.

All conversations are real and are carried out by the same person the fonejacker (Kavyan Novak). To add to the persona of the fonejacker, Kavyan Novak is shown wearing a monkey cap (with a pom-pom on top), a pair of sunglasses (which he wears at all times, day or night) and an archaic mobile phone. In essence, the fonejacker looks like a hijacker with a phone instead of a gun. Apart from the hilarious animations that accompany a phone conversation, the fonejacker also goes on location in his signature rickshaw and plays pranks on people, such calls show the entire conversation and video recording.

The most impressive fonejack and also the vanguard call of the series, was the fonejacker posing as an Arabic man calling up an electronics store and asking to buy a Doovde player (DVD player) and then inquiring about a ?lucd <a href="http://www.kobe9shoesnike.com">Kobe Shoe Nike Factory Direct Sales</a>? (LCD) television. The call is perhaps the most popular of the series and the first season is now called the Doovde series. The show?s success is attributed Novak?s fantastic voice over skills, Novak has posed as a mouse, a Ugandan banking official, an Arab (now known as Mr. Doovde), an Indian ISP salesman and many other personalities that include a compulsive rapper, a distraught husband who thinks his wife is cheating on him. The show has also shown a few calls by a cockney speaking gentleman called Terry Tibbs. Terry Tibbs is a vulgar buyer who tries to negotiate (unsuccessfully) the price of various things from a wooden ladder to a Maserati.

Fonejacker <a href="http://www.buyray-bansunglasses.com">Buy Ray Ban Sunglasses Wholesale</a>?s phenomenal success is attributed to the fact that, it takes a crack at almost every stereotype in the book. From an Indian salesman that has a tendency of ending every word in ?s?, to the cockney Terry Tibbs who cannot keep a conversation rated ?U?. In addition, each character has a specific task assigned to it, the Ugandan (George Agdgdgwngo) tries to get people to give him their bank details. The series is currently viewable by children above the age of 15, and does have the occasional vulgar animation or picture thrown in. Fonejacker?s success has been validated by the overwhelming response it has received from international audiences, and not just the British audience. The first series had 6 episodes of approximately 30 minutes each; the DVD was released on October 8, 2007.

The fonejacker

The fonejacker usually calls up art shops, restaurants and hotels. The fonejacker has a characteristic rickshaw which takes him to various locations all over the UK. During the calls a video camera captures the response of the person without their knowledge. A popular call involved the fonejacker asking an Italian restaurant owner if his wife (a lady in a straw hat) is actually cheating on him. Novak masterfully captures the restraint owner?s dilemma, as the lady with the straw hat is sitting right in front of him with another man. The call ended with the fonejacker breaking out in hysterical cries that his wife was cheating on him (the restaurant manager lied to the fonejacker telling him the lady in the straw hat was there with a woman).

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