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Posted by fifa235coins on July 18, 2014, 11:20 pm
Push-Croatia 4-0 FIFA 14 World Cup Group A: Cameroon VS Croatia playback Half Second Half Highlights playback standing with feet together, hip punch the top left, to mention how much it mention how much; left put down arms close, the left wrist from warping away from the body; Lateral Raise the right arm, the forearm bent, his right hand on your head; maintain this position does not move, find someone on the outside of the left leg raised shoe. Then you say:. 'My map of Africa is that shoe is Madagascar, Somalia is my left hand, my right armpit Cameroon in Beijing to the armpits, the distance is more than 11,000 kilometers, to fly 15 hours. 'sitting cross-legged, his hands clasped together cupola, the body tilting to the left. Then you say: 'I am the map of Cameroon capital Yaounde child in my belly button to the right two inches.' Make another clap: 'Last month the water 16 Bureau in Far North Province attacked 10 Chinese workers lost contact, this happened in my wrist position 'Who dares Tikamailong central and northern pleasant climate with you sleep at night to cover thin quilts, <a href="http://www.fifacoins14sale.com/">fifa 15 coins</a> straining to hit him a contemptuous look: at least 100 million Chinese people living and working in Africa, spread African population of 1 billion, the equivalent of every thousand people in Africa there is a Chinese person; least 10,000 Chinese people living and working in Cameroon, Cameroon 21 million to spread among the population, the equivalent of two thousand individuals per Cameroon there is a Chinese person These Haiwaichizi early in the circle of friends lament over N times - 'Africa's how not hot ah!' If it was Cameroon fans, light uncle and Eto'o, certainly can not resist for long. You just casually ask, 'Cameroon Football League for several years before the first kick, the fans had a hard time of it,' or 'Alexander Song investment in Yaounde cover for himself nine upscale apartment building in the end who had rented' immediately lead you to other friends! Intentions in mind several tribal name, Barcelona, &#8203;&#8203;Brooklyn, Hausa, Windsor Egypt, Cameroon Bamileke ...... encounter people, ask him which tribe. There are more than 250 tribes in Cameroon, he is Barcelona, &#8203;&#8203;you say Bamileke industrious but too fond of money; he is Bruce, you say Barca Envious always mischief; heard his tribe, you erect thumb says little more attention to their tribal culture than the big tribes, really rare! Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, said people lazy, greedy people in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea said, neighbors inevitably mutual demonization; told Shanghai said Northeast soil, northeast of Shanghai stingy, like people say, within a country but also love to engage in 'demon nest . ' To point innocuous 'nest demon' in order to promote the exchange of the collision, is a good means to disguise supernatural powers. Certainly was sorry slow development of Cameroon. You may wish to echo and extend this argument, the best imitation of horror narration domestic exploration program: 'Cameroon area of &#8203;&#8203;460,000 square kilometers, with about the same size, Sichuan, Shanghai and more than the population, but also very advantageous geographiC Ronaldocation, unique natural conditions, resources also very rich. available is this development opportunity too good to be jealous of the country has been unable to fulfill its wish to embark on the road of economic growth, which the inside, in the end what kind of hidden mystery? secret 'domestic exploration program is how to ask not A, as a crash during the FIFA 14 World Cup 'pseudo Cameroon through' can also be outright. Let me talk about the reality can not be avoided: the Human Development Index 0.495, ranked 150, average life expectancy of 52.1 years in 2012, Cameroon in 187 countries; According to the World Bank released the 'Doing Business 2013', the global Cameroon ranked 185 economies in the first 162. Then sing the main theme of China-Africa cooperation, citing Xinhua News Agency reported:. 'IMF forecast economic growth in Cameroon in 2014 may reach 6% growth rate is slightly lower than the average for sub-Saharan Africa, but Cameroon is already so encouraging step, but also indicates good prospects '(End) Note: Yaounde branch of Xinhua News Agency reporters Liu Fang Department. Scan two-dimensional code, subscribe to Fang's FIFA 14 World Cup news from the media more

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