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Posted by Albee White on June 17, 2014, 8:03 am
Want to be like a kid on TV, like everywhere grow chivalric knight, have been under the spotlight to become a big star dream. Grow up only to find the dream is a dream, after all, life is very simple, very ordinary, mundane our simple and happy life in this world, it has not be lived in vain. But that does not mean mediocre mundane, even trivial we also have a flash place at a given moment in stunning your eye, [b][url=http://www.kmillendresssale.com/celebrities-deduce-different-styles-of-karen-millen-photo-collections-of-celebrities-in-classic-and-hottest-karen-millen-dresses_n53.html]Karen Millen Sequin Bow Silk One Shoulder Dress[/url][/b] beauty is not mediocre.

The impression of a person to others, depending on her wearing a large extent. [b][url=http://www.kmillendresssale.com/dear-is-there-a-karen-millen-ds193-delicate-lace-panelled-dress-in-your-wardrobe_n52.html]Karen Millen Delicate Lace Panelled Dress[/url][/b] began to emerge from mediocrity, do a simple happy sweet girl, with a little lazy temperament dress, refreshing color, style simple and fresh. Slim modified version of the type of vibrant good shape, elastic drawstring design blossoms, very nice freestyle, the overall image of refreshing.

In the hot summer, wear such a [b][url=http://www.kmillendresssale.com/karen-millen-ds193_nt768_1_4.html]Karen Millen DS193[/url][/b] is very comfortable thing. A word skirt, very clean, pure white natural hanging hem yet joined the ink printing, painting brings clear leisurely and elegant lotus-like mood, so different, put it together the whole people become clarity , very literary norm, and it looks graceful, full of intellectual charm.

Not everyone likes to be the highly anticipated, and many times we are living in their own world, dress according to their mood, others see our [b][url=http://www.kmillendresssale.com/karen-millen-mixed-geo-print-dress-orange_nt796_1_4.html]Karen Millen Mixed Geo Print Dress Orange[/url][/b], we also saw the sinking of the heart are not mediocre. In pursuit of a fresh summer dress, with a small floral garden flower mosaic of brilliant general, in clear weather, to become the most seductive, with the dress speak for himself.

Junior high school life is actually found in repeat repeat repeat every day, but also do this pessimistic a long time, in retrospect feel funny, life inevitably repetitive, but the past days but is magnificent picture. Like stripes, like the [b][url=http://www.kmillendresssale.com/karen-millen-cotton-and-lace-shift-dress-red-makes-you-smile-charmingly-like-eva-longoria_n54.html]Karen Millen Cotton And Lace Shift Dress Red[/url][/b], even in the form of interval size did not change the color depth is simple repetition, but combined, but full of beauty, so people like. Such a little jacket on a hot summer still feels very refreshing, in some occasions, such as offices and other air-conditioned rooms still have their uses.

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