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Posted by Rene Paley on May 27, 2014, 12:20 am
The first 33 minutes,
<a href="http://www.fifa14team.com/">fifa coins</a> Alves right wing pass, Massey Road Qiangdian follow-up shot was blocked a bit Sanchez, Abbiati off the ball easily. The first 34 minutes, Barcelona launch blitz, Sanchez single opportunity frontcourt, Chile horse newcomer right foot shot into the box and was promptly back to catch the ball fell to the ground in place of Antonini denied. The first 37 minutes, Milan fought back, Ibrahimovic volley ball were left in the middle Nocerino, who's hooked ball from the left side of the restricted area pass found Seedorf, the Dutch veteran's volley hit the door sideways forces are too light , was confiscated Valdes. The first 40 minutes, Milan comeback, Nocerino onrush left, crossing the 45-degree angle penalty area, Ibrahimovic cross-chest to knock Robinho, Robbie back to do, outside the area of &#8203;&#8203;Seedorf long-range kicker, was Barcelona defender blocked a bit, Valdes grab the ball before the ball over for a corner Puzhu. The first 42 minutes, Sanchez knock, Harvey followed up long shots, to go a little high beams. Both sides goalless first half. 46 minutes, Iniesta cut the ball left lateral sway out of the way Bonera defense Bajiao shot from outside the area wide of the left post. The first 52 minutes, Milan first to make adjustments, Al - Shala Wei played replaced Robinho. Before, during and after games scraping Mascherano, Robinho heel injury. The first 57 minutes, Messi breaking ball was tipped Nesta, Milan veteran booked therefore, to obtain long-range free kick Barcelona right before the games, the Macy's left foot curling shot above the door, did not threat.

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