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Posted by lianseo1989blog on March 23, 2014, 12:37 am
Point of sale (POS) systems are electronic systems that provide businesses with the capability to retain and analyze a wide variety of inventory and transaction data on a continuous basis. POS systems have been touted as valuable tools for a wide variety of business purposes, <a href="http://www.prttech.com/">Thermal Printer</a> including refining target marketing strategies; tracking supplier purchases; determining customer purchasing patterns; analyzing sales (on a daily, monthly, or annual basis) of each inventory item, department, or supplier;<a href="http://thermal-printers.tumblr.com/">Thermal Printers</a> and creating reports for use in making purchases, reorders, etc. Basic point of sale systems currently in use include standalone electronic cash registers, also known as ECRs; ECR-based network systems; and controller-based systems. All function essentially as sales and cash management tools, but each has features that are unique.

Researchers with RSA's FirstWatch security team declined to name the victimized retailers, which they have contacted with their findings. Will Gragido, <a href="http://thermal-printers.tumblr.com/">Thermal Print Head</a> senior manager of RSA FirstWatch, says his team hasn't found any ties between the so-called ChewBacca malware and the attacks on Target, Neiman Marcus, and Michael's.

One main difference between ChewBacca and the BlackPOS that was reportedly used in the Target attack is that BlackPOS was widely available in the underground. That leaves all sizes of retailers at risk, says Alan Shimel of the CISO Group. "So if you think POS breaches are something that just large retailers need to worry about think again," Shimel said in a blog post. "<a href="http://thermal-printers.tumblr.com/">Micro Thermal Printer</a> It was a land grab with everyone trying to get it on as many POS systems as they could. If you think your business would not be a target you are dead wrong. But if you use a POS system you should make sure that you test it for malware. Especially if your POS is Windows based."

The advantage is clear, and Shopify will have a clear one over and above other competing solutions like Revel since it has a presence with so many online retailers already, <a href="http://thermal-printers.tumblr.com/">Thermal Printer Head</a> and can offer an extremely simple iPad based solution on a subscription basis, complete with online setup support in the form of tutorial videos, as well as in-person technical help, though McNamara thinks most won°Įt require that.


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Reply by pradipnaskar on April 24, 2014, 5:41 am
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