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Posted by richard176 on January 5, 2014, 6:40 pm
500,000 years ago, humans will be able to walk to a standing position, running around until 50,000 years ago, however, people make use of animal skins by making a few simple dresses and [url=http://www.nbsneakers.net/new-balance-dames]new balance dames[/url] shoes. When primitive man chasing the beast feet made of leaves, bark and animal skins package, was the first shoe prototype. The baffle is often scattered in running, so humans gradually learned to attach a baffle to firmer. Then leave the fresh animal skins and cut a piece of your feet wrapped it up and wrapped in animal skin is getting hard, even foot and tapping feet. Human or animal bone with a stone hand tools made of animal skin more soft or softer material will be used.
They also discovered bondage foot bark, animal skins, as well as other substances, made with soles of roughly similar shapes to their bondage is not easy to loose and punctured. With soles similar to the shape of what was later called the end of bondage material evolved into the upper. At that time, wear shoes in the relaxation of the movement, such as fighting between tribes, in order to rob the fighters, or avoid each other's hunt, bark, vines, animal skins or other straw tethered beneath the soles, soles of the feet and hover over it in order to run faster. In the production, operation, even shoes escape natural disasters or attacks of the beast, a humble early days sports [url=http://www.nbsneakers.net/]new balance nederland[/url] shoes.
Classic sneakers originate from the ancient Messenger in need of long distance running. At that time, the runner to run to shipping orders on the battlefield. For finding the quick run Messenger, gave birth to the ancient games. Most representative of the Olympic Games began in 776 BC in Greece Olympia village, mainly running and later sports added fencing, wrestling, archery, boxing, etc. In order to obtain the best results, players gradually by no shoes to wear running shoes. Running shoes and gradually developed. Later, more sports and entertainment and sports, began to appear some special purpose shoes. Exclusive sneaker features athletes only in soccer, rugby, cricket sports wear leather sneakers (and be near Oxford, will also have a rubber sole called Oxford bottom). For anti-skid soles often install cleats or flange to the bottom bolt. These only have sports specific functionality required by of sneakers, marking the classic sneaker.

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