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Posted by sharon07 on November 14, 2013, 12:46 am
Cartier Santos is the first wristwatch in the history of watch making. The model was developed due to Albert Santos Dumont who was an aviator and who asked his friend Louis Cartier to develop a watch to use safely in the sky. It was very uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous to open the pocket to take out a watch from it while flying, so Santos <a href=http://www.heatwatches.com/tag-heuertag-heuer-carrera.html>Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Watches</a> Dumont needed a watch to <a href=http://www.soundwatches.com>fake breitling watches</a> wear on the wrist. <a href=http://www.busywatches.com/rolex-day-date-thirsty-blue-dial-with-shaped-hour-markers-replica-watches-rl5058-ROK6094-best.html><img src=http://www.busywatches.com/images/uploads/rolex/rolex-day-date/ROK6094.jpg alt=Rolex Day-Date Thirsty Blue Dial with Shaped Hour Markers Replica Watches rl5058></a> Louis Cartier immediately began working at the concept.<br/><br/>Today many companies dispute the pas of being developers of the first wristwatch. For instance, Girard-Perregaux <a href=http://www.toldkwatches.com/jaeger-lecoultre-watches.html>jaeger lecoultre watch bands</a> assert that in the end of the 1880s they developed the first watch for officers of German fleet. However, this model by Girard-Perregaux was an ordinary pocket model with lugs for the strap, while Louis Cartier created his Santos Dumont as the first conceptual wristwatch.<br/><br/>Cartier created a watch with a square case with rounded angles. <a href=http://www.busywatches.com/rolex-day-date-silver-dial-with-arabic-hour-markers-replica-watch-rl7116-ROK6058-best.html><img src=http://www.busywatches.com/images/uploads/rolex/rolex-day-date/ROK6058.jpg alt=Rolex Day-Date Silver Dial with Arabic Hour Markers Replica Watch rl7116></a> Since the watch was designed for a pilot, it had a highly readable dial with big Roman numerals . Specially <a href=http://www.coatwatches.com/oris.html>best replica watches</a> for this watch where the strap was integral to the very timepiece, Louis Cartier developed a case with fully incorporated lugs with no break and attachments. The watch was created together with Edmond Jaeger, who developed the small ultra-thin movement with manual winding.<br/><br/>The watch was presented in 1904, when the public that gathered to admire the favorite attraction - the fly around Eifel Tower - saw Santos Dumont checking time with help of a stylish wristwatch. Since Santos Dumont was a very popular person in Paris, everyone wanted to have such a timepiece. However, Louis Cartier promised his friend to develop a really exclusive <a href=http://www.heatwatches.com/breitlingbreitling-certifie-replica-watches.html>Replica Breitling Certifie Watches</a> watch and he kept the word.<br/><br/>During 75 years, up to 1973 only 800 pieces of Santos de Cartier model were sold. The model entered the market only in 1978 when the legendary jewelry house released a Santos Dumont collection and amazed the public with <a href=http://www.toldkwatches.com/iwc-aquatimer-watches.html>iwc aquatimer watches</a> the first bi-color watch where stylish bezel was decorated with gold screws. The Santos de Cartier model is <a href=http://www.deadwatches.com/rolexrolex-deepsea.html>fake rolex for sale</a> the best-seller among all other Cartier models in 1979.<br/><br><br>

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