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Posted by butlerknight on September 5, 2013, 10:13 pm
Diablo 3 : 1.03 witch doctor in God over purgatory Gang Mu experience
Absolute wire Cock witch doctor. Game time 80 hours. Less than 2 hours each day on time. And the playing time and off. . For now his pocket and never more than 50W. Every time to buy medicines, bits and pieces of equipment, <a href="http://www.goldwto.com/diablo3_gold.html">diablo 3 gold</a> not how to get into the auction house is gone. . . 've Got a few pieces with agility equipment. Is one of those from the gate of Orgrimmar riding on a donkey passing me with positive face does not look after me as the kind of absolute underlying Cock wire.
I talked to a lot of teams playing ACT3 <a href="http://www.goldwto.com/diablo3_gold.html">d3 gold</a> stuck in Gang Mu. It is not over. Take a lot of money. So a person to the wasteland, found that is not an ordinary play-off. . I in the auction (Europe) I invested about 400K, bought a blow-back mounted. In fact, is a necklace, a pair of rings and a priest knife. Almost heap 1000 strike back. Intends to acid rain.
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I chose the skills army harvest spiritual voodoo ceremony back to the blue left-right-of acid rain Death's Embrace
In fact, I chose skills is a failure. Harvesting and spiritual line does not mention. The spiritual line. Sometimes not only for 4CD. Because the whole standing at the foot does not move, so it was not even escape. Just to have a little invincible time only. . Most army and Death's Embrace failure. When wrapped numerous toxic cloud, <a href="http://www.goldwto.com/runescape_gold.html">runescape gold</a> the usefulness of the army except 4CD simply a joke. Summoned died. We can change in the other. . . Death's Embrace addition to a little bit of DPS, a little useful wood. Fee blue so high. . Too failed. I recommend you change in the other. Such as continuous DOT what better than this.
The process is very simple. Must stand in the middle do not move. Because behind the toxic cloud is superimposed, full screen particle effects, <a href="http://www.goldwto.com/runescape_gold.html">rs gold</a> is the test of the graphics card. My machine is not very good. To only three behind. I wanted to run out to another place would be better. Twitched. He died. Anyway, is do not move. Survived the initial 30 seconds, the back is a mechanical movement. No technical skills are wood.
The use of acid rain, pay attention to the rhythm. Do not hold. The hearts have a number. You will discover that Blue is unlimited. You can even put the individual in the middle. Rhythm to master.
My hand stupid, preparing for this for over 40 <a href="http://www.goldwto.com/blade_and_soul_gold.html">blade and soul gold</a> bottle of medicine. Proved useful. Sometimes the acid rain of free time what does not mention the blood, is very dangerous. Quickly Heyao. . .
The last is probably the battle lasted 15 <a href="http://www.goldwto.com/wow_gold.html">wow gold</a> minutes up and down. Gang Mu hung up. . . I have an indescribable sense of nausea. BLZ design the BOSS it. . . . .
My computer screen shots. Roughly describe my data. DPS 12K 43K blood.
Is estimated that the only Cock wire equipment can kill the Gang Mu career is a witch doctor. Watching public room we stop Gang Muka scattered hearts coursing under.
Finally, thank you.

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