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Jan 5 2011
01-05-11 5:00 am - England
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Organized by: gh | Type: rs
Jan 5 2011
01-05-11 1:00 am - England
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Organized by: gh | Type: rs
Sep 15 2009
09-15-09 8:00 am - Athens, Greece
The 39th Solid-State Device Research Conference ESSDERC'2009 and the 35th Solid-State Circuits Conference ESSCIRC'2009 will be held at Athens, Greece from 15-19 September 2009. ...
Organized by: ESSCIRC Steering Committee | Type: conference
Sep 13 2009
09-13-09 10:00 am - DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose, California
The IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference is the premier conference devoted to IC development, showcasing original first published technical work and innovative circuit techniques that tackle pra ...
Organized by: IEEE | Type: Conference
Sep 9 2009
09-09-09 9:00 am - Grand Hotel and Faculty of Engineering, Lund Unive
The workshop will offer an overview of the research activities in IC design at Lund University. Additionally invited presentations will be given by the SoS International advisory board: - Mike Fau ...
Organized by: Pia Bruhn, Pia.Bruhn@eit.lth.se | Type: Circuit Design for the Wireless Future
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