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VLSI ASIC IT JOBS IN INDIA - : www.mindsoftconsulting.com
Main Category: Services

Sub Category: Digital/ASIC

Title: VLSI ASIC IT JOBS IN INDIA - : www.mindsoftconsulting.com

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Permanent Staffing

Hardware & Systems
Board and Chip (Firmware, DSP, ASIC/ VLSI / VHDL / FPGA / IC Digital, IC Analog, Mixed Signal , Bipolar, Bi-CMOS, CMOS, CAD, MPEG, JPEG, CATV) ARM ,CAD, WiFi, WiMax , optical/fiber optic , I/O, RF/IF, ID , Power supply / Power management :LDO, switch regulators , DC to DC, AC to DC conversions,)

(C/C++, EDA, Unix, Windows, GUI, JAVA, Firmware, Real Time Embedded systems, Bios, ATE,Unix Kernel; parallel and symmetric Multiprocessor Operating System and Implementation, ATM,DSP,EDA,I/O, WiFi, WiMax, optical/fiber optic, Storage industry (SAN,NAS) etc.

Non Technical : HR/Finance/Sales/Admin & Commercial

Executive Search
Mindsoft Consulting has specialized in chief executive, board member and senior-level management search assignments for a wide variety of clients, including multinational corporations, mid-cap and startup companies.

PLS VISIT OUR WEBSITE : www.mindsoftconsulting.com
Country: IN

State: Karnataka


Zip: 560076

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