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Daily payment. Earn 35,000/month
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Title: Daily payment. Earn 35,000/month

Price: 15000

Dear Sir/Madam,
we are providing ad posting job and Data entry job.
Ad posting job is very simple, we will provide you classified websites
list and ad matters, just you have to post advertishments in the given
classified websites.
for posting one Ad you will get Rs.2 to Rs.3 depends on selected plan.
Data entry job is very easy, we will provide you scanned image files,
you just have to type those image files in the software given by us.
per page you will get Rs.60. In data entry there is no account
termination and 300 errors are allowed per slot.. For more details call us @ 8144095585 or mail us at postdatas.info@gmail.com. NOTE:-only serious enquires please. http://www.postdatas.com

Country: IN

State: thamilnadu

City: chennai

Zip: 600020

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