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Without investment Trade in Share Market
Main Category: Services

Sub Category: RF/Analog

Title: Without investment Trade in Share Market

Price: 5000

We are offering you a great opportunity in share market i.e. now you can trade in share market without any investment.

You have to trade in Company a/c i.e after you join we will provide you a code. When ever you give “Sauda” you have to mention your code. You have to call us and give your buy bit, sell bit, and stop loss etc. of your own. Your profit amount will be transfer to your Bank a/c on last Saturday of every month. In case if there is any loss then the loss amount will be deduct from your deposit amount.

1. Minimum deposit amount is Rs.5000/- & Maximum is Rs.20000/- against a single code.
2. Intraday basis cash market limit is Max. Rs.2, 00,000 (At a time) or Future market is Max. One Lot (At a time).
3. You have to square off your all position as Intraday basis. If you want to carry your position then it will be possible only on Future
Market. But in this case you have to deposit minimum 7% amount of your holding volume as risk factor.
4. You have to square off your all position within
More details Call: 098002508462 or visit: www.bazarsiliguri.com Posted ID: ais03141b
Country: US

State: IN

City: Siliguri / Darjeeling / Kolkata

Zip: 734006

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