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Created by jennieketner
A Newport Newport Cigarettes Behind I love

How many times, see the blurred and clear face in the curl of smoke.

Love, like the smoke, misty no foundation.

From a game development into a story, poor story, filled with tragic story.

I don't want to walk into the story, however, imperceptibly, it was discovered that he had gone so far away.

Love, deep, like the hands of the uninterrupted Newport Cigarettess, has been burning.

Looking at the hands of the buy newports short online burn, heart good pain, not hesitate again, is to continue, or not.

No one knows, only his trembling hands, cold lips, wandering alone in the dark night.

Newport Cigarettes is a grafting with a Newport Cigarettes, is written in the sustenance or Newport Cigarettes in the write miss.

All say love always hidden a needless to speech understanding, mysterious, poor, and wry smile, is even more silly.

I love, I want to learn to love.

I want to put this love to continue with the Newport Cigarettes.

I was smoking, but in the real face of confusion, I can get you the slightest mercy?

Want to go.


When I pick them up again, I found a good heavy.

There is no courage or what, don't understand, you always so difficult to understand, as they say.

I do not believe that they will be an eternal mystery.

Light once again, tears slide down along the fingers, for you, just like the tears.

I put the Newport Cigarettes as his own life, I am afraid that once all of the world's Newport Cigarettes burn out, you Is it right? Can survive in the world..

Newport Cigarettess can be bought, but the love? She would also like Newport Cigarettess.

I want to cry, even if it is a little bit of tears, but tears, for me, is so hard.

I want, you will never understand, I give, you have to put her collection.

Is it right? I saved, is you give me the last hope of surviving, if that is the case, I'd rather not, I confused over a lifetime.

Newport Cigarettes in the combustion, that year, I don't remember.

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