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Created by w0703

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Nike shoes designed based on human foot. The arch of the foot is formed
by the tarsal and metatarsal bones and strengthened by ligaments and
tendons. It allows the foot to support the weight of the body in the
erect posture with the least weight. The height of the arch determines
pronation and foot type. The arch height of the foot can easily be
checked using the wet feet test. People with a low arch do not have a
distinct curve along the inside of the foot. The imprint taken in a wet
test may show nearly the entire foot. People with low arches are more
likely to overpronate which can result in injuries. Insufficiently
expressed arches are called low or fallen arches. The term flat feet
applies to the arch which is sitting on the ground completely.

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The midsole post is the injection of harder foam (recognizable by the
darker grey colour) right underneath the foot arch. The reason why the
post is so important is that the harder foam, just in the place where
you need it, supports your arch from collapsing too much during the
strike on the ground if you tend to overpronate. The dual density post
in the Structure Triax 12 is very interesting in the fact that it is not
a solid block of a harder foam, but it is "broken" by inserts of normal
density foam in order to allow flexibility. The second great news here
is that these inserts are different in the mens and womens version of
the shoe, the latter being engineered to give extra flexibility ĘC as
womens body mass is generally lower than mens: womens don't put so much
pressure on the shoes' midsole and need an extra help in order to
properly flex the midsole during the running gait.

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The midsole post is completed and aided by the addition of a midfoot
plastic shank, that Nike calls Footbridge. As we've seen in many other
shoes, the Footbridge is a key component in the stability of a shoe as
it "keeps your gait together", preventing you from hitting the ground
with your heel and then transitioning to your toes at two very different
(and dangerous) angles. The shank of the Structure Triax is
asymmetrical and is not the most robust of the category ĘC but it
performs a fine job and it adapts to the shoe's philosophy of being
supportive but flexible.

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