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Bride makeup with light, fresh, and the bride should pay close
attention to their own look, not too much to walk, to avoid her makeup
was sweat open; and the face relatively easy out of oil the bride should
prepare some oil absorbing tissues. Because the weather in summer is
hot, so the bride should choose some relatively simple, lightweight,
breathable dress, avoid picking those heavy thick dress.Know more visit the PDF.

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busy day bridegroom must be sweating, all the groom must prepare more
than two pieces of shirts, after go to the hotel (if the hotel site
allows, the groom can simply flush) then put on a clean shirt, to greet
the guests. If flowers directly in the sun, the flowers easily fade; but
also easy to make the temperature inside the car is increasing, so the
wedding can best docked in some shady place, and to prepare the watering
can, add water for flowers; when people going out, finally let the
driver to open the door, first through the air, this let the couple do
up not sitting on the stove, feeling.

The bride and groom summer
don't eat too much cold, if eat too much cold words I could not stomach,
wedding day was very busy, if return have loose bowels to words that do
not eat, so the new people should consider eating their problems.See the web http://www.camoweddingdresses.us.

and relatives came to congratulate must prepare some cold drinks, pay
attention to drink not too cold to prevent the relatives and friends
could not stomach, was happy to congratulate, diarrhea is not good.

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is hot, if afraid of chocolate easily, can choose to like candy bars,
or you can find some snacks, such as candy or honey. When the groom and
his brothers, against all odds, embrace the beauty return of the time,
they must be drunk and tired. All newcomers can be prepared in advance
some iced drinks, when the time comes to those brothers, let them rest,
because the wedding except you, who is the most tiring.

At the
same time the couple should also prepare some mineral water placed in
the rear compartment, there is a need for the staff to drink. Especially
after the new to the hotel, should take out the mineral water, let
those with a day of your relatives and friends a drink, thought many
friends when the mouth not to say, but the heart is still quite mind.
And the hotel prepared are reeky hot water, imagine this scenario, who
can drink hot water.

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