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Created by jessicasanders

The Jets already have a solid tight end in Jeff Cumberland, but second-round pick Jace Amaro figures to get more targets in Marty Mornhinweg's offense.

So far, so good for Amaro, who's slated to be the "move" tight end in the Jets' offense". He's lined up everywhere", tight end coach Steve Hagen said, per The Star Ledger". He's lined up flexed out, hand down, out by himself (on the) single-receiver side, on the three-receiver side, on the two-receiver side.

We use him everywhere we can use him. So we have asked him to do a lot, and we expect him to do a lot. He's asking that of himself, and he's delivering, too. It's been fun to watch him". There is a possibility that Jace Amaro will take place on Marty Mornhinweg. He makes his effort to do what he can do for the Jets. It is obvious that he plays a very important role in his team. His coach thinks highly of him and think he is a promising player. I agree with his coach. In order to make Jace Amaro become better, Jace Amaro's fans should support him and his team the Jets. We have Jace Amaro Jerseys for a lot of fans including you. When you buy Jace Amaro Jerseys here, we offer free shipping and returns as well as 100 percent money back guarantee.

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