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Players will prove their ability in these two titles from Electronic Arts.Electronic Arts has confirmed that during the Madrid Fifa 15 XBOX Coins Games Week (7 to November 10) conduct tournaments of two of its major franchises, this is FIFA 14 and Battlefield 4. Both will have a special area where you will be attending the LVP (Professional Game League).For the first time in Spain show both titles on Xbox and PlayStation 4 One, plus Rivals Need for Speed and The Sims. There will also be information sessions for details on game modes and features of the new titles. Finally there will be prizes and surprises for all attendees.Pre>> FIFA 14 Advance Xbox and PS4 OneNext>> FIFA confirms Sanctions Three Salvadoran Footballers

The chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee of FIFA, the Swiss Domenico Scala, did not rule out a change of venue for the 2022 World Cup was awarded to Qatar if proven suspicions of bribery in the election process.¡°If it is proved that there was bribery before delivery of the World Cup to Qatar, then the award could be declared void. In that case, it should be repeated," he added in an interview with Swiss newspaper NZZ am his country Sonntag. "The delivery of the World Cup to Qatar in summer was not a good decision, regardless of the question whether or not bribes were previously¡± admitted Scala.FIFA appointed Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup in December 2010 and has since delivered numerous reviews on various aspects.First, by high summer temperatures Persian Gulf, second to the suspicions of bribery to win the vote and finally, due to the death of 44 Nepalese workers for poor working conditions during previous works related to the project.Pre>> FIFA 14 Takes Center in a Month, What to ExpectNext>> FIFA 14 Goals New Collection 3

Former South america footballer Romario and representative repeated in a stereo meeting demeaning the FIFA common assistant, Jerome Valcke, and the price of the Govt of South america to variety the Globe Cup in 2014, and declared his objective to run for gran of Rio de Janeiro.¡°I have an responsibility to demonstrate the individuals the real scenario South america community investing for the Globe Cup, which is outrageous and develops every day," said the champ and Globe gamer of the U. s. Declares in 1994, in an meeting with Radio Globo.The former striker of Spain's capital as the Language team said that " I am and always helpful Globe " but is contrary to the spend of community sources in the occasion.¡°What they say (the Government) on International investing is a lie without dimension http://www.fifacoins2u.com/FIFA-15.Gold

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