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Big, it is a feeling, call "atmosphere" is a bit simple, represent a powerful current, have above all and breadth of pleasant sensation. Printing also know play, print out their own profligacy, believe that will always find appreciation, confident and independent.

Eligible to play, not too childish, at least, is the common a big occasion to town to others. Printing also understand this truth, so temporarily abandoned broken beautiful pastoral style, to learn from the ink printing and dyeing, to shorten the distance between the black and white ash last Karen millen DS176, make different texture.

The emergence of big feeling will make dress sense, even in a corner of the sea, as long as a look at will be unforgettable. Assembled and pure and fresh and elegant and wanton printing, blue white and natural heavy and complicated, let the simplest version also can steal the show. Click here to buy Karen Millen Tropical Print Shift Dress


Big feeling is also a characteristic is difficult to manage, so few people are willing to try. We tend to give their positioning, always think they can only have a style, those kit Kat printed but always dare not to try, and wearing no taste is one of the biggest distraction. Actually how unique printing will find the right person, perhaps it is waiting for you.

Printing of play at the same time also not to forget what I want to do, let comes more naturally cultivate one's morality show thin, although sometimes have to rely on design pattern, but printing is also a big hero. Like Meithei after printing, the colour not chic and moving, increasingly is unparalleled. Click here to buy Karen Millen Floral Print Shift Dress

Printing is arrogant sometimes, whether you like it or not, first fill every corner, compact arrangement is wanton, even zero leakage. Fortunately, Karen Millen Paint Printed Shift Dress can choose, summer preferred blue-green of relaxed feeling, silk shirts and how can abandon this truth?

When the leopard has abandoned the yellow and black, with various shades of blue to daub, reference interest stripe at the same time, may be able to change the savagery of the past. Design and colour of heavy and complicated to collect waist becomes less obvious, but always have details will let us surprise, black fungus and round collar is a good example.

Want to simple and easy does not mean printing will be not enough big, quintessence copy down, contracted in its intriguing side. In yellow at the bottom seems to be too bright, but on either side of the printing is the essence of Chinese painting, highlights the concave and convex have send.

Very similar style, because of the different of the Karen Millen Tropical Printed Dress has a different texture, is a beautiful independence, this one is quiet and easy. Word get exposed collarbone is S curve in order to set off each other, not exposed sexy sometimes especially attractive.

Animal printing large biased towards the lovely, tender of seller is preferred, occasionally to play a big feeling pretty good also. Birds printed on the increase of the number, can give a person a kind of geometry illusion, colourful and not buckish, lotus leaf net yarn cascading a special glamour. Click here to buy Karen Millen Soft Floral Print Dress

Colour is darker, hand foot a bit, a bit more leisurely, although the summer prefer candy colours, but also some people like the dark in the summer many tricks. Reconciliation between stripe, thickness, then a paper-cut elements into printing, of primitive simplicity and full of flavour. Click here to buy Karen Millen Floral Print Prom Dress

Is the last of the national wind, tomorrow will be different, each new encounter. Embroidery favourite bright beautiful colour and elegant figure, is printing has been to imitate, half-moon shape, the temperament of sapphire and national wind complement each other, there is more than a little chic.

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