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Like a "summer " word will be able to activate all things, which is perhaps the summer festival by the roots of ancient legend and sought after location, open branches and leaves of plants in the table days Italy, river ice thawed in an open vent summer love, a woman's expression is rather special, Karen Millen Neon Floral Print Shift Dress, they prefer open New Year¡¯s wishes and happiness with a sweet, simple and direct sustenance when the number of lace trapped inside.

 Summer new , innovative preferred , if only chiffon fresh , innovative shapes too , shall also unique , but the total is still less of rebirth quarter Charm , like too few fresh , so it becomes a romantic lace stitching wonderful together , even if just a touch of green , can make people easily interpret the brilliant flowers .

Just with a lace collar process is linked , it cannot get rid of the palace retro luxury , even black low -wan, cannot simply introverted intellectual homing , although Karen Millen Floral Print Prom Dresshas a small wood ear collar dignified with vertical stitching urban fringes smooth, but as long as there is beaded bow portrait , retro luxury it is still pure.

Most ideas are usually the lace vintage luxury European-style Karen Millen ds174, no one thought lace embroidered vines twining also reveals a deep feeling toward China , ink-like graceful outline , is also strong and light , colour, simple but levels of prosperity , and Tan collar piles common achievements extraordinary gentle charm.

Rose also has quiet purple hues , not just eye-catching good overhangs on the mirror effect, or a new beginning Chilly powerful debut fashion colour , as convergence with the world's most popular T station intimate partners , bright white skin supple grace significant effect worthy said beautifully embroidered lace Karen Millen DS278 stitching a scarf romantic connotation Diagram expansive quietly upgraded classic .

 Summer models with innovation, interpretation leave two stitching, also dignified and also leisure, sport sweater style stitching clever bottom , although the style is simple , but the success of the casual mood is casual highlights aristocratic elegance, colour , simple but brilliant colours , Karen Millen Soft Floral Print Dress also the leaves also fishtail skirt, top pop without limit .

Intellectual luxury, beautiful inside, rather than flirtatious pale tones abound , but who can be subtle and understated luxury nude colour connotation Commander fashion , Karen Millen Ds297 high waist bow stitching , both plump body type will be selected , but also create aesthetic exquisite figure will kill artefact.

Who said that from now on the temptation to abandon the romantic lace chiffon bow , like an adult learn elegance and light cooked , not knowing who unequivocally said that there is not enough lace chiffon bow elegant maturity, since no with no license, Karen Millen Floral Print Shift Dress continues to be elegant and romantic in the end of it .

Short and lace work together, even if the colour is not vivid colours, but also not clear flexible pan off the dry line, lace and wavy edges, cannot tell who is sweet and a little more, a little less romantic who, together with the princess waist with plush stitching, clean and fresh colour not only conceal its elegant and noble romantic nature, but also sweet and extra points.


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