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Created by cjnisao475
as a way to achieve the affair blending. Revel unchanged , it's not
contrary to the truth. Chuang Tzu 's wife died , he knew life and death
as being the seasons change of seasons running , neither determines, too
irresistible , so the nurse can " Shun An fate , jimmy choo
drums and singing bowl " ; Falluja " new language ," says: "Do not
violate days not seize properties . " see the universe and life would be
the causes and conditions , then suitable poly edge , edge off then
scattered towards the enhancements made on the flow of impermanence
enjoy it , stop , be flexible . Life, whether they can adhere to a
similar in principle, through the small information the Going -way
street , naturally without losing heart contented proper way . Going ,
is usually a mind, is often a mature , is definitely a inner self
-confidence and assurance . Going to read people , forever in the
changing , difficulties and frustrations of life, acting freely,
comfortable ; always in your face of adversity , to have the direction
of the front line , keeping calm and happy mood. Going right of reality ,
a clear comprehension of the deep knowledge of the spiritual nike free run
life after freedom may be the " Parting that is fate" optimistic " that
singing was lost that break ," the transcendent , is " any Yisuoyanyu
his life , "the calm. Intending to employ a heart , viewers the sun is
overcast , whether or sunny ; life on the road is bumpy or smooth either
, hearts will often contain a calm and tranquil . Into my treatment day
, he waited with the crowded hallway of this hospital , pretending
looking at a newspaper , on the other hand had already seen his tears
wet the newspaper . This individual 50 % of time just didn't work, we
rely upon savings and rental housing a full time income, both reside in
my mother's house . Fate appears to be me to read an exceedingly cruel
joke , I instantly lose everything. No man need unique anything like me ,
not anymore young, damaged health , shortage of option to work,
nevertheless need to live , I said adidas springblade
to him : "I like to live ." He viewed me and said : "You really need to
live planning to live to your early, earliest pens , or perhaps you
Sorry , My apologies I don't so something with you . " before I realized
no decent life, there's really no perfect job , it is just the romance
for many , I cannot live . It's true that that's not true , I cannot buy
clothes, no makeup, do not ever drink coffee , nonetheless just want to
live . I'm just linger . Whenever he became imperative with me while in
the hospital corridor , I could see the eyes about the eyes in addition
to my compassion , and sympathy for him , I'm sure that others assume
that he married me , get left behind. Favorite him , will not be felt
loss, and is not looking to air max 2014
vanish ? He nodded . I had been furious , little tears while in the
eyes , I considered to him , will not you marry me , marry another woman
, might never sick yet ? Regardless of whether she does not get sick,
you could guarantee yourself a lifetime health need want you to maintain
? Life's more any excuses for interdependence , we can not say today I
found myself young and wonderful, you young Dore , is a good match us ,
and tomorrow I have a disasters , depends upon may have happened , we
lost a who is who , who owes who . Then, just what is the amount of
feelings ? A grown man yet, good and bad, how does there be a great deal
of cheaper to lead you to catch up with everything ? He stared instead
laughed and said : " I was thinking more than I think I would have
already been noble , additional crisis you are usually prepared to keep
with you , in order that you say , if I you should not, nike roshe run
actually some justice . the intolerable . " actually , I am aware ,
exactly what now compared to the course he loves my young age, this is
when I talented , vibrant health . But that which is love ?

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