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Created by juliebrill

Last September, I stayed at a high school in central Kentucky, I found a sign in the parking lot : "This is a tobacco-free school zone" I just finished interviewing a sixth-grade student", Jose", who spent his summer long weekend working in the tobacco farms. Jose is protected from tobacco in school. This is illegal, he walked into a store and bought a pack of cigarettes, until he was 18, but he can legally work in any tobacco farm, through his skin absorption of nicotine, in the age of 12, when it comes to protecting children from the dangers of tobacco farming, the U.

S. government and the tobacco companies are not doing enough. Thousands of children each year in the tobacco farms in the United States. They are literally surrounded by tobacco, often one week during the growing season height of 50 or 60 hours. In our recent hazardous child labor in tobacco growing in the United States report, Human Rights Watch found that nearly three-quarters of the children surveyed said that although work on tobacco, they got sick".

I got a headache, I think to throw it", Jose said. And many other children - his description of symptoms consistent with acute nicotine poisoning. I grew up in a tough anti-smoking advertising era. A man playing a guitar and singing through a voice mail from a lit images as a teenager let me. As a graduate student in public health, I learned more about the devastating effects of smoking on health. But I never heard how it affects the cultivation of tobacco workers. Today, the World No Tobacco Day, you will hear amazing about the dangers of smoking and the toll of tobacco use worldwide. You may not have heard is nicotine, tobacco farms in the United States when the work was poisoned children. Largest tobacco company in the world, selling well-known cigarette brands such as Camel and Marlboro, buy tobacco grown in the United States.

These companies can not sell their products to children, but they can be manufactured containing tobacco products are nurturing children. If we want to make sure that our children grow up free of tobacco, we need to make children's tobacco farm free zone. Tobacco companies should adopt a clear policy prohibiting children under 18 from doing hazardous work on farms in their supply chains. The Congress and the Obama administration should adopt laws and policies to keep children out of work on tobacco farms dangerous. The store specializes in apparel and memorabilia from cigarettes, NBA, NHL, MLB, International Soccer, NCAA and carries items for the home and outdoors that reflect the top brands from all leagues.

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