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Created by kinleyplay

In two weeks as a subscriber to WoW, I played it for some 27 hours a shocking statistic. How could that time have been eso gold
better spent? That leads to questions surrounding the point of our
existence: is learning to knit or going to the cinema any more use than
emerging triumphant from Ragefire Chasm having vanquished Jergosh the
Invoker? "That's the question gamers need to address," says Kays. "If
people have thought about this, and decide to choose gaming, that's fine
they should go ahead and have a great time. But the ones who haven't
and particularly if they have responsibility for children just need to
be asked the question, otherwise in five years they'll wonder where all
that time went."

Kluwe is being lauded as a "hero" online for his completely genius
and notfunny idea today. On a recent broadcast of his show on radio
station 93X, Kluwe mentioned floating the idea with his bosses at the
station, but they told him "World of Warcraft" was just too long for a

Seemingly one reason certain people get so totally involved in World
of Warcraft is that it allows them to be something they are not in real
life. In the game ordinary people can become leaders or very strong
fighters. They can do extraordinary things that they would never be
capable of performing in the real world. They prefer to be in this
imaginary realm where they can act like it is their "real" world. If
this is something you are doing you need to turn off your computer, and
seek help as soon as possible.

Today, in the world of capitalism, the venture of thenew medicine and
medicine technology are determined by the interests of investors and
profits from the market. The humnaity, morality, ethics and other
variables are certainly not the main character decide and discipline the
future and use of technology. Fortunatley, the indirect and direct
criticism and education from the art and media reenfore the invisible
legistlatitve power on people behavior and activity, such as cloning
technology is banned in many countries.

Some years ago now, in the early 1980s, a group of very interesting
bronze figurines were stolen one night from a field in Suffolk, but
somebody took some photos, and we heard a lot of rumours about these
objects, and then, quite a few years later, suddenly, one of these items
was offered to the Getty Museum in America. And that dealer was
offering this very distinctive figurine it's a bronze panther with
inlaid silver spots it was offered for about 25,000 to the Getty
Museum, who recognised it from the photo which had been circulated, and
so they turned it down. The objects are still in America, they're in the
hands of a private collector [mysterious music fading up]

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