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He also points to the way Tolkien navigates these modes: "The
flexibility with which Tolkien moves between the modes is a major cause
for the success of The Lord of the Rings. It is at once ambitious (much
more so than novels are allowed to be) and insidious (getting under the
guard of the modern reader, trained to reject, or to ironize, the
assumptions of tragedy or epic)."5.

This is a huge acceptance of the reality. And in all these eight
months that the circular has been there in the public domain, there has
not been a single criticism of it in the Parliament. While there have
been many questions in the Parliament about the microfinance sector,
there has not been a single question about interest rates.

I kind of figured Shawn Atleo would get in again as chief of the
Assembly of First Nations. A woman lawyer came in second and Bill
Erasmus came in third seven candidates ran. Nothing much has changed.
The delegates' comments were mostly the same, about their treaties and
their rights. Some said aboriginal leaders aren't doing enough.

We are preparing to import nine new units into Haiti this spring
which were donated by the IEEE and the CSI volunteers. We will build an
additional nine units in Haiti this summer with a grant from USAID.
USAID/OTI has many projects in the St. Marc area and we will be
deploying nine of our units there as soon as the grant process is
complete. With the addition of these 18 units Sirona will have 24 units
operating servicing 1,920 homes. This grant with USAID is almost
complete, however Sirona must complete it registration process in Haiti.
We are busy with completion of that process now.

GrecoRoman wrestling golds went to Iran's Ghasem Gholamreza Rezaei
(96kg) and South Korea's Kim Hyeonwoo (66kg). failed to medal in any of
the GrecoRoman events at the Olympics for the first time since 1976.
Italian kayaker Josefa Idem became the first woman to compete in eight
Olympic Games marked the occasion by upstaging a host of younger rivals
to qualify for the flagship 500meter K1 final.

"He definitely gave them a shot in the arm," says Butler of Howard.
"He came at a perfect time. He provides leadership to young kids, really
relates to them. He adds a different type of adrenaline, adds some
juice. Kids see him, love his bubbly personality and connect with him.
He establishes relationships quickly with these kids and adds something
different to their program."

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