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Forty-fourth session of the Super Bowl against the two sides by Drew - Brisbane (Drew Brees) led by the New Orleans Saints and Peyton - Manning (Peyton Manning) led the Indianapolis Colts . This session was the first Super Bowl played in the Super Bowl record by the Federation of the best two teams since the twenty-eighth Super Bowl .
The first wave of attack and defense in the opening punt after forcing the Saints , Colts 53 yards to complete a wave of advance , by the by Matt - Christopher (Matt Stover) kicked into the 38 yards free kick , Indianapolis 3-0 lead .Rickey Jackson Authentic Jersey

Although the Saints followed by a wave of offensive Reggie - Bush received a pass 16 yards to get the first Brisbane attack , but eventually to punt over. Hand punt Thomas - Moss Tydfil (Thomas Morstead) kicked 46 yards forced the Colts at the beginning of the offensive line 's own four yards .

Indianapolis then to wave 96 yards retaliate offensive touchdowns opponents, this wave of attacks also draw a Super Bowl record longest advance . Pony first by Joseph - A generation of (Joseph Addai) three times running attack advancing 53 yards , with Hou Manning completed three passes advancing 35 yards , the last by Pierre - Gason (Pierre Garcon) received a 19 yards touchdown pass the score was 10 to 0 .

Into the second quarter , the Saints completed three passes advancing 36 yards , 22 yards successfully advanced to the pony lines . But in the third tranche , Brisbane was Dwight - Frini (Dwight Freeney) sack lost seven yards , the Saints were forced by the Garrett - Hartley (Garrett Hartley) kicked into 46 yards free kick . After the first two goals were scored right , pony had a chance to gain another victory , but Gason third tranche sell the ball , pony had to punt .

Then the smooth progress of the pony Saints territory , access to a file score 3 -yard line. Offside once returned to 8 yards , then advance to the success of the Saints 1 yard , but rushed the ball their third and fourth have failed . Pony rushed the ball three consecutive want to consume the remaining time of the first half with seven points advantage into the second half , but the Saints did not let them succeed, pony forced to punt . Saints abandoned by the Bush pick to play back to attack four yards to the New Orleans 48 yards , but only one time suspended. Saints succeeded to advance to the firing range free kick by Hartley kicked a free kick 44 yards into the end of the first half, the Saints behind 6-4 10.

Saints unexpectedly choose a short kickoff in the second half kicked the ball , which is considered a turning point in the game , and this is the first time in Super Bowl history to kick the ball in the short time than the fourth quarter . Moss Tydfil kicked the ball on the left , the ball hit the small Ma Hanke - Bass Specter (Hank Baskett) masks pop , fierce competition for both players , the referee finally finds Saints linebacker Jonathan - Casey Las ( (Kenny Stills Jersey)) 42 -yard line to get the ball. Then the Saints rely on Brisbane 's five consecutive passes came 58 yards , extremely efficient completion of touchdowns, leading the Saints for the first time , the score was 13 to 10.

Manning then led the Colts answered with a touchdown to complete the opponent 10 times this wave of offensive attack 76 yards forward, which Dallas - Clark (Dallas Clark) three times the ball forward 45 yards , A complete four -yard touchdown on behalf of running attack . Pony emit 17 to 13 . This is the second time in history the Super Bowl game in the second half for the first time the two sides have got the ball touchdowns ( first appeared in the fourteenth session of the Super Bowl ) .
Then Saints by Hartley kicked into 47 yards free kick, will be sent out to 17 than 16 , making him the first single game kicked into three kick 40 yards or more players on the Super Bowl history . This is the first time in Super Bowl history a points difference into the fourth quarter , is the second small points difference , the thirty-ninth Super Bowl New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles tie the end of the third quarter .
Indianapolis then advance to the New Orleans 33 yards line, but lost 51 yards Christopher kicked a free kick , the ball returned to the right saint, saint 's own 41 yards line to start in attack .

Brees completed touchdowns to lead the Saints offensive again , this time by the seven players together to complete the advance . First, not out 12 yards , then Defu Li - Henderson (Devery Henderson) cable to the Colts 36 yards passing, then completed eight yards Bush ran the ball and attack , were passed to Marquis of Houbulisi - Colston (Marques Colston), Robert - Mitchum (Robert Meachem) and tight end David - Thomas (David Thomas) the ball forward to the other five -yard line . By Pierre - after Thomas (Pierre Thomas) out of three yards , Brees came two yards to tight end Jeremy - Shockey (Jeremy Shockey) completed touchdown. Then Saints 2 points extra success , leading 24 to 17.

With║ˇ┬Ř─■again led the Colts into Saints territory, but New Orleans - Tracy Porter (Tracy Porter) in Manning 's own 26 yards line steals the ball back to the attack 74 yards and touchdown . This is the first time the game ball conversion. After successfully won additional points, leading the Saints to 31 than 17 , hours 3 minutes 12 seconds left .

Behind two touchdowns , pony must get in the next wave of offensives in seven points . Although the success of advancing to the Saints 3 -yard line , but ultimately did not reach the front could get , thus the Saints won the team 's first Super Bowl championship history .

Brees completed 39 passes flat Super Bowl record 32 times , a total of 288 yards and two outgoing touchdowns . Brisbane 's passing success rate ranked second in the previous Super Bowl , only this twenty-first Super Bowl in 25 pass 22 ( 88%) - Phil Simms (Phil Simms).

Saints also became the first team to lose the last three games of the regular season but eventually won the Super Bowl team. Saints in the second half of the 25 points is the third-highest halftime score .

Colts kicker Matt - Christopher became the oldest player in Super Bowl history , 42 years and 11 days .http://www.nflsaintsofficial.com/SUPER-BOWL-RICKEY-JACKSON-JERSEY

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