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2013 National Hockey League (NHL) championship battle , namely the Stanley Cup Finals Beijing June 7 settled. Anaheim Ducks defeated the Ottawa Senators 6-2 at home after the team , with a total score of 4-1 to beat the opponent, to win the Stanley Cup for(Reebok Jonas Hiller Jersey) the first time .

Today, the first section of the game fighting to 3 minutes and 41 seconds , hit 4 5 Ducks seize opportunity from the Andy MacDonald opened the scoring . 17 minutes and 41 seconds , Ducks Rob Niedermeyer expand the score 2-0.

Section II of the first half , the two sides were deadlocked . 11 minutes later, the game re- climax .

Senators Daniel Alfredsson in the first 11 minutes and 27 seconds and 17 minutes 38 seconds broke twice , once the score to 2-3. But Travis Maughan ( Section 15 minutes 44 seconds ) and Francois Boshi Man ( the first 18 minutes 28 seconds ) to make two goals lead Ducks still two goals advantage at the end of this section .

Section 4 minutes into the game 01 seconds when Maughan also scored the second goal of his own in this field , will expand the score 5-2. End of the game in the first three minutes, the home of the kore Perry personal breakthrough succeeded, then scored for the Ducks win the match .Jonas Hiller Jersey Ebay

Ducks win this time in nearly five years to win the Western Conference team for the first time , also since 1925 Victoria Cougars , the first West Coast team to win the Stanley Cup . And although Canada has a team participating in the last three finals, but failed to realize the dream of regaining the championship . Since 1993 Montreal Canucks win, the team from the tournament has been a founding member of the Canadian missed the Stanley Cup aspirations .

Ducks captain , Rob Niedermeyer 's brother Scott Niedermeyer after the game after winning the Stanley Cup , awarded to the playoffs and won the Most Valuable Player trophy Cohen Smith .

Only 14 years to build team Ducks this is the second time into the Stanley Cup finals, NBA Finals in 2003 , they once lost to the Devils 3-4 .

Formerly known as the " Mighty Ducks " the Anaheim Ducks this season, despite the team name in the "giant " word canceled , but the team strength increase, their overall record in the regular season only Western Union inferior to the Detroit red Wings . In the playoffs, they score one victory , first in the Western quarterfinals 4-1 Minnesota Wild team , then in the Western Conference semifinals 4-1 Vancouver Canucks law , and finally in the west 4-2 final defeat of the regular season, the best record in the league red Wings .

At the beginning of May 28th Stanley Cup finals, Ducks 3-2 and 1-0 victory over the Senators were the first two at home , and laid a solid foundation for the final first place. Although the Senators in the first home game on June 2 in a 5-3 recover , but in a second home two days later they turned lost 2-3 , so that the total score becomes 3-1 .http://www.officialanaheimducks.com/Black+Andrew+Cogliano+Jersey

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