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Created by robin

Wearing great tiffany and co outlet jewelry to pay attention to the following several points:
attention and coordination. Jewelry and clothing colors broadly in line, and against each other, look elegant and beautiful.
consistent with seasons, winter accessories color slightly darker, lighter summer jewelry as well.

jewelry worn where appropriate. Flower arrangement on the head,
usually in the rear, it should not be plugged into the front. Chest
pendant jewelry generally worn on the left breast, is appropriate. In
addition, the jewelry does not wear too much, much is ugly.
The choice of wearing
Girl accessory is much more complex, Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses for Sale
earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelet (chain), brooches, etc. To use
them in social and foreign-related occasions just right, can not only
bring about change, the girl's personality and style can also be better
in front.
Agree with costumes
Jewels clothing embellishment or
supplemental, better effect can be the finishing touch, you can bring
out the unique personal qualities. Otherwise it will undermine the
beauty of fashion.
Tie in with the dark series dress
You can
wear some of the more colorful jewelry, such as brooches, diamond rings,
diamond Ruby pendant and White Pearl necklace, which shows Maria's
refined, elegant gorgeous in a dignified temperament.
Combined with light series dress

Generally do not wear jewelry of brilliant color, such as rubies,
yellow Topaz. Instead, light green jade ring, k gold Sapphire Pendant
necklaces, light blue and pink pearl jewelry can be increase dash in an
atmosphere of pure Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Jewelry Outlet charm and warmth.

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