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Created by wuxiaowei8728283
London company BERG announced a new product available in 2012. Ití»s called the Little Printer. This is a cube shaped device that sits on your table, Pos Mobile Printerand prints out lists, Facebook comments, stock quotes and a lot more. It would make Mobile Printer a great receipt printer or bookmark maker for people that still have books, but is this little thermal printer ten years too late? "We're looking forward to partnering with vending operators to move the industry forward by offering consumers a unique retail experience," Mike McCrady, PayLab's senior vice president of Business Development, said in a statement. Pos Printer Printer China "We think operators recognize the value of an innovative user experience at the machine and its potential to drive revenues while generating greater brand loyalty amongst consumers." We have a Point of Sale system which Wifi Pos Printer as a "server" with 2 nic cards. One is for the system to access the internet and allow credit card transactions. The second is used for a separate network for only the POS workstations for employees to ring up orders, close checks, clock-in, etc. The server is really nothing more than a PC with Windows 7 running the POS software. 2.4G Handheld Wireless USB Automatic Laser Barcode Scanner Reader: This device works at the international Mobile Thermal Printer frequency band 2.400-2.483MHz with one handheld communicates to only one receiver. Effective communication distance can reach 30-50 meters in the clear open air. printer1030201403blog

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