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Created by robin

When attending official events, you are still considering half the tiffany and co outlet
jewelry box jewelry wearing it? Throughout an elegant classic look of
the Icon, in fact focus becomes the focus, rare and wonderful choices
are enough to make you to be heard! Jewelry star style with "Asian sex
goddess" by Christy Chung, using subtraction build elegant Queen
One Piece one piece not monotonous
Complex mix of
simple styles become a hot trend this season, came the era of One Piece!
Select a shape, textured sheer jewelry, focusing all his attention,
charm jewelry bring you unique!
Exquisite tiaras + retro fitted bodice and skirt

Elegant retro 20th century become the hit of the show this season.
Stomacher dress simple yet rich design, vertical Crown mix adds to the
overall shape of the retro atmosphere, make the match focused on the
perfect interpretation.
Smart necklace + profile-dress up

Throughout fall/winter 2013 show, profile type is loved by designers
such as Alexander Wang, and ChristopherKane design. Smart dresses and
profile modeling soft combination of encrusted necklace so that the
overall clean yet feminine necklace with a sense of volume break the
monotony of minimalist dress One Piece, can reveal a woman's soft and
graceful curves and elegant.
1. not all jewellery fits into
subtraction matching. Exaggerated shape, style and unique jewelry items
to be propped up the entire Look.
2. the fitted bodice and plain dress and style necklace mix of elegant simplicity.
3. when the dress is too complicated, a large colourful treasure earrings enough.
High-necked dresses + big earrings
High-necked gowns decorated neck slender curves, choose a pair of Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses for Sale
earrings color sense is very important. Elegant dresses, colorful
treasure mix of smart, texture and color collide with matching purple
color treasure earrings to brighten up the overall Look, easily come to
the fore.
Primary and secondary mix
When you face the same
series jewelry put it down when it while wearing the stereotypical, you
can choose in the same series earrings matching bracelets, necklace and
matching ring, increases the distance between the piece of jewelry, so
that the overall mix of style not monotonous.
Animal pattern dress + black gold jewelry

Texture caused designers Alexander McQueen for animal hunting spree.
Wearing a gold bracelet, Black Onyx rose ring shape, leather belt with
Golden buckle color echoes, simple dresses, Leopard print, sexy
atmosphere, and distributing most of the original beauty of the wild!
Deep v dress + long pendant necklace

One clothing is always full of design details that will make people's
eyes light up, and Mosaic structure of leather and stretch fabric added a
dress of three dimensional, package design highlighting the curves of
the female body, matching drop gorgeous diamond pendant necklaces fill
the gap v neck, with series studded Pearl ring with diamond-studded
Pearl necklace, echoing, elegant flavor full.
1. when wearing jewelry, try to choose colors and elegant simple dresses.
2. complement the deep v dress matching long pendant necklace.
3. mix modern style jumpsuit a sexy sheer sense of style earrings.
Fitted bodice jumpsuit + style earrings

Chest-are not required to wear necklace, on a large area of white space
to shift attention to the earrings, is undoubtedly the surprise match.
Wide stripes as one of this year's autumn and winter fashion elements,
structure beam waist for a fitted bodice Leotard emphasized the
waistline, is visually more slender legs. Simple makeup and hair styling
matching Crown Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Jewelry Outlet Diamond oval earrings, 18K, rhodium-plated white gold rings, simple and sophisticated.

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