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Created by hollywu8728283
After exploring other options, including using mobile credit and debit
card services offered by her local bank, Paulson decided to go with
Square ¡ª something she had seen at other small businesses across the
city, including new downtown coffee shop Wild Goose Meeting House.
Instead of paying the $600 to upgrade software on the full point-of-sale
outfit she already owned, she opted to purchase a $299 iPad 2 and pop
it into the Square Stand ($99 on the company¡¯s website).
Thermal Label Printer

The T20 Thermal Printer's small profile enables placement in crowded
conditions and offers choices of operations from a horizontal or
vertical alignment for on-counter operation or hung from a wall in the
basket provided. Maximum versatility ensures maximum convenience for
smaller retailers.
Mobile Label Printer
Ensure the logo is a bitmap image,
Receipt Printer
other images like JPEG are not supported. This goes back to trial and
error getting the correct size image and file type. The file needs to be
saved as RetailPOSLogo.bmp and stored within the POS.exe folder on the
local POS machine (usually something like C:Program Files
(x86)Microsoft Dynamics AX60Retail POS
Thermal Printer

Dymo sells inexpensive thermal printers that can be easily loaded with
2-1/4" thermal adding machine paper and used to print receipts.
Pos Receipt Printer

The problem is: formatting and printing. Everything nowadays has great
graphics capabilities and are GUI driven, but a simple text-based
solution is hard to find.

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