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Created by wuxiaowei8728283
Description : Lexmark X9575 Professional All-in-One Wireless Users gain freedom and flexibility Thermal Printer with built-in 802.11g wireless technology; Compatible with Wi-Fi certified IEEE 802.11g/b/n; High quality printing from virtually anywhere over a secure Label Printer wireless network.All-in-one with fax offers the freedom and flexibility of wireless with fast print speeds and two-sided printing.Features:* Users gain freedom and flexibility with built-in Kickstarter has been a great place to support affordable 3D printers, but most of those projects are intended for hobbyists and consumers. The professional 3D printer market is still largely made up of the big players like Stratasys and MakerBot, Portable Printer but one company has taken to Kickstarter to fund what they feel can beat those guys at their own game. There are many types of professional printing services from which to choose. Thermal Printers It all depends on the needs of your business and the types of materials that you are would like to order. Embossing can provide a distinctive look and elegant feel that draws attention to your items. A digital printer uses digital technology for speedy delivery and cost effective products. The move challenges rival 3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems, which has been the leader in the full-color space.Stratasys, one of the largest 3D printer manufacturers in the world, Printer Manufacturer just went technicolor. The company has announced the Objet500 Connex3, the first 3D printer capable of printing both in full color and multiple materials. qwer1030201403blog

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