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Over 12.5 million tons of plastic is consumed annually by India and almost all the segregation of the plastic occurs at the dump site, Thermal Printer where waste pickers sift through garbage, separating the plastics from organic waste. They sell the plastic to middlemen scrap dealers but receive an extremely low amount for their important work. After spending the day trawling through trash, many of these hardworking individuals earn less than $1/day and live in impoverished conditions. ˇ°Cincinnati Incorporated has enjoyed a long working relationship with Oak Ridge National Laboratory,ˇ± Mobile Printer said Cincinnati CEO Andrew Jamison. ˇ°Over the years we have supplied over 40 metal working machine tools to Oak Ridge and its various subcontractors. As one of the oldest U.S. machine tool manufacturers, with continuous operation since 1898, we view this exciting opportunity as starting a new chapter in our history of serving U.S. manufacturing. Out of this developmental partnership with ORNL, Cincinnati intends to lead the world in big area additive manufacturing machinery for both prototyping and production.ˇ± Our TAZ 3 printer arrived mostly assembled. All we had to do was follow a simple guide for the final assembly of putting the print bed and base in place, Thermal Printer then attaching the extruder and plugging in a few cables. This process is well described in the included Getting Started guide, and requires only one tool: an included 3mm hex driver. We were ready to start printing about 30 minutes after opening the box. As it turns out, Sean's expertise is in 3D modeling and printing, and has had experience using various 3D printing technologies and combining rapid prototyping with real-world hardware. Bluetooth Receipt PrinterBasically, he's way more knowledgeable than us when it comes to 3D modeling and printing. So I was delighted when Sean agreed to share that knowledge with us and Tested readers. Over the course of this year, Sean will be writing a bi-weekly column on Tested about modern home and professional 3D printing technologies, provide tips on how to get started, and share walkthroughs of his various 3D printing projects. qwer1030201403blog

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