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Created by wuxiaowei8728283
Earlier this month we showed you Richard Tegelbeckers¡¯ DeltaTrix 3D printer made from plywood, now it has launched Thermal Printer on Kickstarter. Richard wanted to turn the DeltaTrix into an actual product and decided that Kickstarter was the place for him to launch it. Building on the success of its Jeti Titan series of UV-curable wide-format printers, Agfa has announced Printer Mechanism a scalable Titan printer in the Jeti series with the Titan S that comes with one row of print heads that can be upgraded to incorporate two heads thus making it a Titan HS (high speed) model. - See more at: http://www.graphicdisplayworld.com/wideformat/2576-two-print-heads-are-better-than-one#sthash.hUgs6xSS.dpuf I¡¯ve been printing large format with an Epson 11880 for some years now, and I know when it¡¯s time to get tough. That¡¯s my take on ¡°Ghetto Printer Head Deep Cleaning¡± Mobile Printer About in 2001 a friend of mine and I founded a company dedicated to fineart BW printing with Carbon based inks. We had first Label Printer a Canon BJC-8500 with removable, disposable printheads (god bless Canon), then an Epson 7000 ¨C both of them ¡°converted¡± to BW inks Consumers and small businesses certainly have a handle on using 3D printers to create small mockups of bigger products, but there¡¯s few options for creating true-to-size models or even finished products without having access to an industrial printer. Portable Printer German company BigRep aims to break that boundary with its RepRap-based BigRep ONE 3D printer, which offers over a cubic meter of print space. qwer1030201402blog

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