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Created by baiyun
Earthquakes are natural disasters, man-made ten years ago, do not forget

November 1,1998, when northern Jakarta Pemba off an area of ​​followers who woke up and found their temple worship is being burned. Enraged followers immediately found six alleged pagan temple destroyed, and they flatly refused to intercede monasteries, brutally lynched the six Indonesian students in mid-May 1998, outside the parliament building in Jakarta rally demanding an end to Suharto President's rule. In early May, for participating in demonstrations students were killed, sparked massive protests, with different races and religious backgrounds to come together tens of thousands of young people in Indonesia, called for corrupt political liquidation. May 21, ruling for 32 years of Indonesian President Suharto to resign. Prior to this, there is no indication that he will succumb to the pressure of protest

In order to study the Asian financial crisis, as early as the beginning of the year I put Indonesia as the focus of investigation. In mid-May, came from Indonesia continued anti-riot news. When the United States, Canada and other countries have many friends advised me to retreat nationals to cancel plans to visit Indonesia. My friend Jack working at the World Bank office in Indonesia. He said that the Chinese Jakarta dangerous situation, even the Japanese, Koreans have been implicated, do not visit Jakarta at this moment. Indonesia seems to have become like Longtanhuxue same high-risk areas. In early July, I went to Singapore, met many people who understand the situation in Indonesia. Across the sea, Indonesia in sight, not a trip, it can not be reconciled. Just can go and see, everything said. So, I was in Singapore on May Day boarded the plane to Jakarta in July is the peak tourist season, however, very few passengers flying to Jakarta, nearly three-quarters empty. A take-off from Singapore on to the over Indonesia. Looking down on the blue sea dotted with green islands one after another. Indonesia more than two hundred million people, spread over more than ten thousand islands, known as the nations Island. It is difficult to imagine how beautiful tropical scenery filled with bloody atrocities could even inside the airport lobby empty. Although the design of the Jakarta airport US-hwan Mirren, rather ethnic style, but most passengers are nervous, face serious mood to watch. Not many people out of customs, but the speed is not flattered release customs examination. Thankfully, finally through customs, waiting outside to see the long-Jack. Because Indonesia has been making things difficult for the Chinese people, Chinese citizens often refused to issue an entry visa, he regretted not being a special permit to do at the World Bank, if they can come to the airport to pick up the inside, if there are other problems to help me just entered urban areas, it was seen several fires burned ruins. There are also a dozen bungalows storey building. No windows, no roof, exterior walls were smoke smoked too charred. Did not walk a few steps, but also several such ruins. Jack holding the steering wheel, dignified nod to me, This is the result of May's My main goal is to study the Indonesian Asian financial crisis, however, is so strongly anti May shocked me. Since there is such a rare opportunity to personally visit to Jakarta, should let more people know about this evil Chinese in Indonesia, only the total population. Ever since the Dutch colonial period, Chinese Take-based business. In Indonesia operates from the assets of the Chinese Super consortium million retail shops to the streets to control considerable assets. Due diligence thrift, good financial management is almost synonymous with wealthy Chinese. They are quite rich in the economy, but politically it discriminated against persecution. Especially after the coup, the Chinese are not allowed to use Chinese in Indonesia, straddling the Spring Festival, not only must join Indonesian nationality, but also allowed to use the Chinese name. Even some Chinese immigrants already ninth, and they still can not get the same treatment as local residents. Hitler's genocide in inhumane to force the Jews with the Star of David flag, Indonesia, Chinese ID card also has a special tag. In Indonesia anti occur once every few years. As long as the intensification of conflicts in Indonesia to a certain extent, to bring the total Chinese scapegoat date evening Jakarta, a group of Han jumped from a truck, they are armed with a variety of professional tools, it quickly opened a sled and a Chinese iron stores. Although the Chinese shops in Jakarta does not have any special markings, but these engineers are very accurate selection of the target sled door. Their business very skilled, skid to open a large iron gate after it disappeared. Just a few minutes after the gates opened Sapper sled, a bunch of trucks rushed over, jumped from the car unbridled mob started looting, store the goods onto trucks. Although these thugs were dressed in civilian clothes, but still leaking himself away in many places. Many rioters have the same flat head shaved, wearing Indonesian military strategic reserve exactly the same shoes and thugs appeared later compared the performance of the first batch of thugs very civilized, polite. They did not hit after stealing money, but the command store owner stood aside, and not to interfere as they like to move onto the truck robbery loot. The first group of thugs just left, immediately swarmed to the group after group of thugs. They stick in hand, they see the Chinese, without any explanation, swing hit, the worst is that they begin organized rape, gang rape of Chinese women. In many places, the mob in front of the Chinese side deliberately raped their wives and daughters, even five or six-year-old woman and a child of eight or nine years old were not spared. Singapore only after hospital treated more than was severely battered women, girls one-year-old gang-raped after being amputated vulva, He died the death despite the riots and more serious, but did not see the entire Jakarta Any police or army. Indonesia became a haven for bandits. Wall street thugs in anti-China slogans sprayed with paint, killing Chinese people, China Pig, burned Chinese people ...... (see photo SundayTimes date of). More and more people involved in the robbery, and later, not only young hands, even the women, the elderly are also actively involved. They almost nothing decent transport, regardless of motorcycles, bicycles or carts, use both modes of transport. See valuable things even carry with hold, grab-and-run. Let's grab appliances, then grab the furniture, even the last to detergent, Youyanjiangcu also robbed. They exchange information with each other, many flock to the store from one place to another place in order from the disaster, are hung in front of a substantial notices Prihumi (Indonesian locals). This is the culprit in the years of Hitler in Germany, looting Jewish shops and homes at exactly the same situation. When the mob swept almost all Chinese small and medium sized shops after they targeted focus to some large shopping malls and Chinese banks. They stormed the building, layer by layer search, looting, if they find a woman to rape, gang rape to the May evening, has been a day and night. There is a Chinese shops were lit, as has been the unified command, as all sides in Jakarta smoke billowing smoke. Fire not only burned a lot of Chinese people are still hiding in the building, but also the looting mobs burned the building being battered. According to incomplete statistics were burned in a building more than five thousand deaths over. In the fire and the smoke. . . . . . This seems to have faced apocalyptic United States, Canada and Britain and other Western countries quickly retreat nationals. RBI foreigners in Indonesia have luggage immediately wished he could escape this terrible world. As the local mob can not distinguish between Japanese, Korean and Chinese, so many Japanese and Korean businessmen have robbed beaten. Month, the Japanese businessman Mr. drove to a small village banks, on the road by a group of people with a big wooden cross on the street, stopped way. <a href="http://www.sale-swiss.com/Tag-Heuer-Monaco-Watches-151-1.html">replica tag heuer monaco</a> He took Japanese passport shouted: I am Japanese, Unfortunately, the mob does not understand the English do not understand Japanese, still stole his bag. Japan could be seen on the documents he signs, so lenient, but with his fist hit him up just in Jakarta airport, fly relaxation from a Benz car. Man holding a car driving permit shouting One million dollars, who will? Under normal circumstances, this car also sell at least eighty thousand U.S. dollars. Finally, do not know how much money transaction, the owner of the money, never looking back, boarded the plane and ran away. The Jakarta airport overcrowding, many people do not rush to flee the money to buy tickets, Singapore Airlines showed great compassion, then excess is allowed as long as the empty seats after boarding the Chinese first. In a short few days there over forty thousand Chinese fled the anti-Indonesia has three characteristics: First, crime wide, almost in Indonesia have taken place nationwide anti-China. Past anti often occurs in North Sumatra capital of Medan and other places. In Medan Hokkien Chinese insist on speaking, relations with the local population is quite high. May Day riots in Medan, multiple seat shops were burned in three days. However, the day of anti-China activities in Medan, but not serious. In Solo, Semarang, Palembang and other places, the Chinese simply do not speak Chinese, not Chinese name, very harmonious relationship with the local residents, anti incident never happened, but this unexpected addition, in these places anti particularly serious. Second, crime pattern highly consistent. From all around the door began to skid, then robbed, raped, and finally arson. Third, crime time highly consistent. Police and army disappearance highly consistent time after anti-Suharto and the Indonesian government dumb. When the international women's organizations strongly protested violations of women's rights in Indonesia, Indonesian Defense Minister Whelan more in January, said, because the victims complained to the authorities has not, so the authorities did not think any rapes occurred (see Ming Pao, date). His voice hardly ever, and there was a day of severe cases of gang rape of Chinese women in Jakarta. Indonesian authorities in defiance of international opinion, unscrupulous, trying to continue to cover up the crime. Contact information center for women in Indonesia to help victims of ethnic Chinese women asylum process, constantly subjected to threats and intimidation. To March, the International Women's organizations collected from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and other places to the multiple rape cases. In case of no repudiation, May Day, Minister of Women's Affairs Indonesian government Allah Olivia told reporters, I hope the media do not report the Indonesian government still did not notice appeared in Jakarta rape and robbery, but we need the exact evidence (see TheSundayTimes, date). The Indonesian government still refused to recant anti-violence, apologies paper can not contain the fire, more and more anti-Chinese violence provoked the anger of people who uphold justice. During my visit to see the Indonesian academics, officials and ordinary people have unanimously condemned the anti-violence, which is considered the Indonesian national disgrace. May Day, Secretary-General of the Indonesian Human Rights Commission Roba official said, The committee did not hesitate to confirm Sunday in the month, there have been organized and carried out the brutal rapes of ethnic Chinese women. (See Lianhe Zaobao date and Ming Pao date), according to the report Indonesian Human Rights Commission, only Japan has a number of cases in January and rape occurred, after thousands of Chinese women were violence, suicide and mental come disorders of the tragic end. injustice because they have nowhere to appeal, the entire body and mind are collapsed, the joint is family and friends are caught helpless situation. (see Central Daily, May Day) Malaysian human rights organizations, women's organizations, such as Thailand, called on the international Indonesian Chinese aid victims of social concern in hindsight, some government dignitaries went to the Indonesian Chinese living in the region solemnly declare that the Indonesian government is fully ensure the safety of residents, to ensure a fair treatment of the Chinese. In Indonesia, the students called <a href="http://www.sale-swiss.com/Tag-Heuer-Monza-Watches-153-1.html">tag heuer carrera automatic chronograph</a> for reform, leading to a conflict between the government and students, however, staged under the banner of reform is rogue racial persecution and atrocities. Later, news came gradually, referring to the goal is for the local ethnic minority, the mob went, all raped, abducted, beating, smashing, looting, burning, on the steps of the Chinese communities have hosed. When you expand the looting, it is also violated when the Chinese women came. Later, the news media and around the world through an international network of multi-party synthesis and analysis found that those looting and rape are organized and planned collective behavior. Its really too numerous crimes. According to reports, in May, Indonesia, about 160 Chinese women were raped several places in Indonesia, aged from 9 to 50 years old The Chinese noted that the mob looted the store belongings after he gave hundreds of women are concentrated up, and then forced off their clothes, collective rape, some unfortunate collapse and die, but some women were raped after being thrown into the fire  pit burned, appalling. But he said police did not arrive to the scene to repression, but rather the protection of the mob and the like, so that the mob brutality completed within two hours, displayed among the police cooperation based on the name of the Indonesian government on the matter Overseas mollified not to mention the fact that it take a letter to the announcement of the world, hoping the global Chinese lend a helping hand, and complained to the Security Council and the International Human Rights Association, the Chinese hope to have a fair Then, an Indonesian Chinese community issued a Notice of the world Compatriots , calls for global Chinese months ago Indonesia and China on human experience, to the Indonesian embassies in protest, while urging the Chinese communities around the world human rights organizations asked for justice to condemn signed by the Indonesian authorities to this as ethnic Passion Jakarta, Indonesia ethnic letter from noted outbreak in Jakarta on May 13 and 14, is an organized anti-Chinese Indonesian Chinese residents group for robbery, murder, arson burning of houses, shops, raping Chinese women.  Special letters accusing mob group rape of women and little girls, and the part of the victims burned alive. Letters and accused the Indonesian authorities did not send troops to suppress the scene, and questioned whether the authorities involved. The letter said, according to a report sorted out, one in Jakarta will have more than 300 women or girls were raped Indonesian human rights organizations have issued a voluntary survey figures, means the period, there were 168 Indonesian women were raped and abused, which There is indeed evidence of which 20 people were murdered or burned addition, the United States, New York Times quoted human rights and women's aid organizations report that during the last month in Indonesia, there are hundreds of Chinese aged 10 to 55-year-old woman was there organized mob beatings, mass rape and killings, and suspected perpetrators of members of the army.

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