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Crazy world watches the domestic spread of smuggling 10 times the maximum amount of profit

Generate huge profits smuggling route, is making the watch suppliers who have caught smuggling quagmire The latest data provided by Hangzhou <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/BREITLING-CHRONOMAT-EVOLUTION.html">Breitling Chronomat Evolution</a> Customs show that in the first half of 2007, China's general trade import luxury watches 10000, into the market during the same period.  smuggling watches has reached 20 000 25 000, is two times the normal amount of imported watches. With the clocks smuggling group and network, smuggling watches fall under domestic madness spreading agents

April 24, 2007, the Rolex brand Taizhou exclusive agent arrested for smuggling Mou Mou philosophical philosophical registered in 2003 Taizhou hundalee TIMECITY Limited (Taizhou hundalee), engaged in watch, glasses wholesale , retail, and called for honesty, quality win. This line of watches basically monopolized the market <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/OMEGA-RAILMASTER-SERIES.html">omega railmaster</a> supply Taizhou watches, watches counters in both the creation of high-end stores, but also has a number of commercial premises in Bridge City. Taizhou Customs Bureau investigators said Mou fortune smuggling philosophical wanted quit and made Rolex brand in Taizhou only authorized agents, unexpectedly became public. Mou philosophical after his arrest, said, Many people in the industry are doing so, if you do not, the price get down, there is competition, but others not survive, involved not just Mou philosophy, as well as watch trade concentration Yiwu watches three lines are open too Watch Co., Ltd., Hao Liang watches Co., Ltd. Hendry watches, which after Zhudan Ying, Zhu Jianfeng two siblings controls this year on January 10 and 14, 2009, aged 33 The Yiwu Zhu Jianfeng 쵤Ӣ and her brother were standing in Jinhua City Intermediate People's court trial, they were accused of the crime of smuggling ordinary goods. According to the prosecution allegations, the above two cases involving three accused of tax evasion over 4580 million, of which Zhu siblings as high as more than 3500 yuan. Currently, the Jinhua Intermediate People's Court has not yet made the decision to 쵤Ӣ et al, the court said the case is complex, will continue to be heard. Prior to the incident, we do not know what he was doing smuggling business table, Yiwu Small Commodity flow as a window of the country, mainly to do watches export trade, like 'Rossini', 'according to Bo', 'Fiyta', etc. Homemade brand watches <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/BREITLING-CHRONOMATIC.html">Breitling Lemania Working </a> in Yiwu have a dealer, said Ma Yong Sheng affiliated Yiwu China Commodity City Information Center small world in a report in May 2005, said: Hao Liang specializes in the trade of watches Limited , as early as 1994 began the 'brand management' Today, the company agent up to more than 10 brands, including Omega and other foreign brands, and in some domestic large and medium-sized cities in the mall opened Brand watches counters.

According to the indictment, between January 2004 to April 2007, 쵤Ӣ such as the above-mentioned proxy mode, the 24,962 luxury watches wholesale throughout the country, or simply low-priced retail supply to large shopping malls and even watches counters profit nearly tenfold

Ma Yong Sheng said: The original Zhu Jianfeng, who is the agent of domestic tier brand watches, normal profit agency The watch is generally 20% of the transaction price.

However, the normal profits simply can not be compared with smuggled watches profits. Under the existing tax provisions, including our high-end luxury watches, including import taxes, including customs duties, excise duty and VAT. January 2005, the import tariff reduction of mechanical watches to 11% consumption tax is a tax on tax reform in 1994 set in China. April 2006, the state excise tax an adjustment wide range of consumption tax tariff increased from 11 adjusted to 14, high-end watches are zoned to regulate income distribution class consumer population began to levy a 20% tax rate of excise duty, became the highest rate adjustment tariff Also a plus value-added tax and other taxes, the total tax on imports reached a bid of 66. If a successful smuggling from Hong Kong suppliers of HK $ 82,300 traded hands of Omega wristwatch, in theory, can only benefit from a tax evasion 27,000 yuan, consumption tax adjustments, earnings rose to more smugglers 5.4 ten thousand yuan According to the suspects confessed their watches purchase price is often lower than the prices of imports around 20% of normal, or large area to watch the world's 40 retail price maintenance getting goods, while domestic purchase price of the regular brand agents is the retail price of 60 words, large area smuggled watches can be saved under the tariff, import VAT and consumption tax and watches retail price of around 20, still the aforementioned Omega for example, this table The mall retail price of up to 180,020 thousand. If you can sell to the highest retail price of nearly 10 times earnings Zhudan Ying is such a large area, only the first four months of 2007 on suspicion of smuggling watches the value of more than 2500 yuan, suspected of tax evasion more than 800 million. According to Hangzhou Customs Bureau investigators, the kind of 'large area' in addition to the investigation of this case four, Beijing, Hubei, Zhejiang, Liaoning and other places also exist.

Last year on April 23, in the arrangement of the Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau, the task force to carry out arrests in Taizhou, Yiwu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, various roles 15 have been arrested for smuggling chain. Data from Hangzhou Customs show that in the last two years, Yiwu, Taizhou four crazy watch company involved smuggling luxury watches up to more than 35,000 pieces, worth 224 million yuan, large area smuggling chain

According Jinhua Customs investigations, regional major smuggling route very much, but each of the smuggling routes independence, even a broken one, the other will not be affected. In this smuggling chain, has dedicated cargo from Hong Kong with a water off, have specialized in Guangdong is responsible for receiving goods shipped to the territory of distribution center, as well as the transfer of money dedicated to the underground banks according to The indictment, between January 2004 to December 2006, Zhu Jianfeng repeatedly with China and Hong Kong trading company in Hong Kong (hereinafter referred to as China Harbour Company) agreed to buy Omega, Longines, plum, radar  Tissot  Tudor and other models watches, smuggled China and Hong Kong is the top smuggling chain - Hong Kong suppliers. Under normal circumstances, China and Hong Kong by the Hong Kong company to watch water off Chen vertical bar, two brothers Chen hanging up. Chan Brothers to tourists status, frequent access between Hong Kong and Guangzhou, will pay to watch ؿ at Guangzhou. Chen Chui said it: It was brought in on the bag, a few dozen blocks.

Such technique is called ants, referring to the use of a small number of smugglers, multi-batch approach to smuggling. Water tend to parallel bundles in the body, more subtle way, seized more difficult, such activities occur frequently, according to Chen explained in the Pearl River mouth hanging bar, Shenzhen and Gongbei and other key ports, they brought out a total of more than 3200 watches. . With a 13 dollar watch the watch to Guangzhou, and sent by courier or by post ؿ form SF to 쵤Ӣ siblings or other watches line This is a complete smuggling route map - Hong Kong water off large areas of Guangdong domestic sales distribution center, in addition to distribution centers within Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen, as well as two, and formed a large area as the core of the local network. That is, from large area Contact immigrants smuggled watches, and then sold wholesale or retail way around unemployed man mauves just active in Dongguan this line of water off. He took advantage of his brother and friends Yao as Guangdong-Hong Kong through train the driver of the favorable conditions, the Yiwu Zhu siblings, etc. Watch Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Dragon watch vendors buy watches, hidden in a space above the driver's seat of the vehicle inside, evading the customs supervision, smuggled.

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