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Created by baiyun
Crazy sweep stocking top ten luxury <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Tag-Heuer-Grand-Carrera-Watches--146-1.html">Tag Heuer Grand Carrera</a> shopping in Beijing

Lufthansa Friendship Shopping: The famous commodity price

In 1992, Lufthansa mall completed in a wheat field, full price merchandise quickly open shelves reputation in wealthy circles, has known Lufthansa business district consequent formation in many people's eyes, Beijing Lufthansa Friendship Shopping itself as a luxury, so that in general consumers are also a popular saying: Recommended reason:

Beijing Lufthansa Friendship Shopping implement a joint venture in 1993, the State Council approved the opening of the first <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/IWC-Portofino-watches-111-1.html">IWC Portofino</a> domestic <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Tag-Heuer-Carrera-Watches-142-1.html">Tag Heuer Carrera</a> joint venture retail enterprises. It is precisely because it was a lot of activity is much stronger than the state-owned department store. Lufthansa Mall shop building area 40,000 square meters, 22,000 square meters of business area, and surrounded by the famous Kempinski, Kunlun Mountains, the Great Wall and other five-star hotel together form a high-spending business circles in the region occupied by Lufthansa Jingdong Mall 30% share of the imported goods, international brands abound, the French cosmetics, Swiss watches, Japan's household goods, the U.S. Office series. 10 luxury brands have been stationed Lufthansa, namely Cartier, Ermenegildo Zegna, WMF, Giaenchy, Lancel, Canali, Pal Zileri, Montegiappa, Trussardi Jeans and so on. And operates 100,000 kinds, 400,000 color specifications of quality merchandise, almost all domestic well-known trademarks boutique in place Lufthansa Lufthansa has always been a high-level department store format to appear in recent years, with the business strategy adjustment of a growing number of international luxury brands to enter the Lufthansa Shopping Mall. Everywhere except in the luxury business today, Lufthansa now, were the first mall itself has long been overshadowed by the.

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