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Created by baiyun
Chinese luxury fresh wind scraping concern

Recently, Nanjing outgoing article about luxury hot map journalism: LV Nanjing, a mall (Louis Vuitton) counters opened, it was reported that: ! Nanjing rush to buy them with cabbage paste 4 years ago in Nanjing, a LV store opening scene, when also full of people, full field echoing screams enthusiasts mesmerizing four years ago, the entire continent of Europe trembled in the howling wind of the financial crisis, the twilight of Europe China suddenly found the old luxury piece of the New World. Just a few years, the global luxury goods counters seem to have moved to China, its magnificent veil prominently in most major cities in one of the most luxurious shopping malls aside - LV bag, Cartier watches, Dior perfume, Dunhill's . suits, these high-end brands tens of thousands or even tens of thousands dollars, there are a considerable number of fans LV CEO Bernard Arnault repeatedly said: For me, China is now the world's most interesting places , I have to go two or three times a year, where there are many people waiting in line all night to join our consumer force. and the world-renowned consultancy Bain Consulting study also pointed out that Europe is now attracting a Chinese old luxury large number of young people Wall Street and the new rich class of <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/CHOPARD-MENS-MILLE-MIGLIA-GRAN-TURISMO.html">mille miglia gt xl </a> an investment report reveals that when the economic downturn struck, whether consumers or retailers, will be more conservative. The radical Chinese people save the world luxury industry. Both the Gulfstream business aircraft, the world's most luxurious car, or let the influx of women who scream LV handbags, they can Piaohong in the financial crisis, thanks to China and more people flocked style consumer has done. Diamond Omega, Vacheron Constantin watches, De Beers Bulgari jewelry and perfume, and fully enjoy the Chinese luxury goods market space, the profit contribution of the Chinese market, so many grown old luxury brand again get the big Wall Street financial guys <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/IWC-BIG-PILOT-47MM.html">iwc big pilot</a> of all ages, investment banks spared no effort to design a luxury fund, which raised more money king solid foundation Sometimes, I do not know why they would be so, left and right set to buy a Versace, Louis Wei Gordon stuff pack can eat it? This is a salesperson Nanjing Golden Eagle Shopping Center to wonder Chinese luxury consumer market from traditional social and moral enlightenment factors, luxury is synonymous with extravagance and waste, in society between rich and poor, fair disorder of the moment, the luxury easier spun from the public aversion to a particular group; rather as a modern spirit and the pursuit of quality, if your spending power to achieve a higher stage, the pursuit of  noble spiritual elements, seems understandable and worrisome is that the rapid expansion of wealth in a country where a considerable part of the wealth of the nouveaux riches of Western consumption patterns and aesthetic appeal of extraordinary worship and obsession, devouring, Paradoxically understand, crazy sick camel abnormal consumption. This blind pursuit of foreign consumer culture is sick, refraction is a social consumer culture lost in the last round of the bubble economy in Japan, the yen Crazy accompanied the emergence of buying the world phenomenon. They are <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/TAG-HEUER.html">Tag Heuer Monza</a> in the world, it seems that omnipotent. The bursting of the bubble economy, Japan entered the lost 20 years. Fortunately, before the bubble economy in Japan, has been basically achieved modernization of the country, the higher the degree of national prosperity, improve the social security system, although the fall and fallen, society as a whole has not been a big trauma and China, the situation is more complicated. It is undeniable that the huge economic volume and low-income people in general, to form a larger cracks. Recently, being discussed on the personal income tax threshold adjustment. A set of publicly available data of the tax department of Jiangsu Province intriguing: the province's 78 million population, according to the current tax threshold of 2,000 yuan, taxpayers about 900 million people; If the threshold by $ 3,000, which is more than 900 million that there will be 5.4 million people earning less than 3,000 yuan but due to be exempt. That means 78 million people, only 300 million people in more than 3,000 yuan monthly income. So, in such a people are better off not high society, rendering excessive consumption of luxury goods, media irresponsibility map type hype, it is very worthy of our vigilance.

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