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Chinese luxury consumption is showing explosive growth Photos

The source for the story of Red Dragonfly, it became his dream of entrepreneurship and has red dragonfly is his childhood friend. A lot of inspiration about the brand, all from Red Dragonfly bionics: It has a head, eyes, wings, tail. There are two central ideas constitute the brain, one is ideas, one is the growth mode; two eyes, one is developed, one only channels; four wings, brand, talent, size and innovation of the four projects. A tail, to brand as the core to support his luxury brand loyal fans like to wear Armani, wearing a Chopard watch, open Porsche. His consumption of luxury goods, but also a dream to make China's Red Dragonfly or LV GUCCI our dialogue on the possibility of luxury brands from China began Reporter: In recent years, the emergence of a group like the Red Dragonfly, seven wolves, cedar cedar and other well-known local brands, they all want to become China's high-end brand, or become China's luxury brands. When the angle from the red dragonfly family point of view, do you think the red dragonfly has hope? China's domestic brands have any hope?

Qianjinbo: In my mind, always feel engaged in this industry need to have a lofty idea, this idea can be realized? Europe took a hundred years, the achievements of today's LV, Hermes and other luxury brands. Why is it called luxury brands luxury? First, it has a sense of history, this is the most important factor. Because luxury is not equivalent to expensive, but expensive premise is a sense of history. So Red Dragonfly 10 years of development, the current product price is 300,700 yuan, Western luxury brands experienced a century, and its price is 30.007 million yuan, or even more so, whether they have achieved now Red Dragonfly Chinese luxury brand dream on the basis of it? I think this is not my personal, but that China's environment. It is perfectly possible to cultivate China's luxury brand, but also have to face up to 10 years, 30 years, 50 years of historical evolution Why do you say? First, China is now national strength, Chinese elements popular in the world, foreigners have in learning Chinese, China's Confucius pass to the world. China 5000 years of cultural evolution cultural elements have been applied to the design of various types of luxury brands, and because we have 5,000 years of history, other countries may be 500 years. So from this perspective, China has a cultural basis (luxury brands). For Red Dragonfly, is put to create Chinese luxury brand as a goal to achieve Secondly, I want to have this gene, to the course of their business for the future lay the foundation for the creation of Chinese luxury brands. So in recent years, we insist on shoes cultural studies in the industry, which is a continuation of <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Cartier-Baignoire-Watches.html">Cartier Baignoire </a> the brand a sense of history is an important work. Red Dragonfly is now only 13 years, but it studies the cultural history of the shoe as well as the understanding of Chinese elements far more than 13 years, we have shoes for Chinese culture, Chinese history, respected enough to show up in these 13 years, we are in the continuation of a sense of history In addition, our brand called Red Dragonfly. Red Dragonfly is a natural with people linked insects, is the nature of the spirit, and it has made a luxury brand attributes - with people linked. I always say the brand to have three elements, the first is the root of childhood; second is the local culture; Third, it is a human care reporter: the concept of luxury is from the West, if considered from the perspective of the Chinese people from China culture to consider what your eyes luxury concept? How do you understand the luxury?

Qianjinbo: luxury in my mind, is one of my goals. Now very popular way of saying, called understated luxury, affordable fashion is actually two words on the current position of Chinese consumers. Rapid growth in GDP, consumption upgrade, while consumers need to shop like Red Dragonfly integration requires both a fashion, but also has a similar style of foreign luxury brands and patterns. By this form, after years of precipitation, accumulation, it can eventually become China's luxury brands present, many domestic brands, are still popular, if these brands are still after 30 years, it will gradually become a luxury brand . In fact, I do not go to create a Chinese luxury brand, this phrase now that is not mature. In the current process, I must first have the luxury of genes, and then put into practice by many concrete actions towards the luxury brand's goal. Now the reason I proposed this idea, because the past few years have seen the rapid development of China's consumption upgrade, many young white-collar workers only luxury brands like Plaza enclave feel powerless and frustrated. As domestic brands, as long as there is when the family who thought the luxury temperament, brand pattern into its own brand grafting, so that consumers can not only feel luxurious but affordable, which is to meet consumer demand brand points of interest Reporter: In your opinion, red dragonfly to become China's domestic luxury brands, to work hard in what areas?

Qianjinbo: In fact, the luxury brand is called luxury, because it is very expensive, very few, and most people can not afford. Now Red Dragonfly would like luxury brand forward, we must work hard in terms of brand content, technology, space design stores, and service standards, so that consumers feel value for money. It is our goal to basic skills Reporter: For a long time, the concept of luxury goods have been given is that they are produced by highly skilled artisans in Italy or France, this skill within the family for generations. It can be said that luxury is also a national and cultural attributes. And, for luxury, the quality is <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Cartier-Tank-Louis-watches--265-1.html">Cartier Tank Louis</a> just a basic condition, manufacturing location and history often gives more meaning and more value luxury. So some people say, it is impossible to produce in China luxury brands. You have to see how?

Qianjinbo: This is a misunderstanding. First, Gui cheap problems. The current situation is the European brand in the <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Cartier-La-Dona-Watches.html">Cartier La Dona </a> country gives us the feeling is very expensive, not expensive is not a luxury. But for Chinese luxury brand, my understanding is that there are quality, but not expensive. So it does not mean expensive luxury second, said geographical attributes can not create a luxury, it is a misunderstanding. China has 5,000 years of cultural heritage, we have the Terra Cotta Warriors, the Forbidden City, no matter from which point of view, China will have a cultural history of precipitation luxury brands produce; merely in material life of luxury is slowly nurtured, like British gentleman, is the time to slowly nurtured by the reporter: Are you with the foreign luxury brands have been in contact and exchanges?

Qianjinbo: frequent exchanges. Luxury brand is popular in recent years, we say. In Italy, France, the brand after a century of development of material culture, gradually reflect the spiritual level, their products, like Ferragamo, is named after the daughter of the founder, and put the same brand as their own daughter slowly nurturing. This brand is to wear a certain class of people, it does not matter how many products, because this is a personal hobby, so insist on a long time, and finally became a luxury brand, but the current situation of China, to determine our brand  do first big post stronger , we need to wait a few years later, there will be a lot of Chinese luxury brands to emerge. I believe there will be that day. Now many international brands of window design, POP shooting, adopted a number of Chinese cultural elements, I believe our country's geographical and cultural property is a luxury to do, despite the need to wait, but must be able to appear Reporter: Culture of luxury product is on the one hand, on the other hand, is advocating a way of life, what kind of red dragonfly advocate lifestyle?

Qianjinbo: We have been in shaping Red Dragonfly natural affinity feature. Because dragonfly itself is very natural, very free, very affinity. See dragonflies, we would want to pursue and enjoy a happy modern luxury brand to buy, there are two phenomena in the pursuit of the process, is that no matter what kind of product characteristics, anyway, I can afford; another is that he When purchasing this product must first understand the spirit of the brand will buy Red Dragonfly brand evolution which brand style to the future? For now, we are still the main consideration consumer preferences, because currently only my own love is not enough, a sense of history, science and technology content and branded content settling down too little. Over time, national strength, the Chinese people for the recognition of domestic products will slowly increase. We will be more pragmatic, consumer psychology will be more mature Reporter: You just talked about positioning consumer groups, what consumers like you to do, which is contrary to the orientation with the luxury of quality? Because one of the important features of luxury is never compromised money Jinbo: I mean, the luxury brand in goal, while from now, we both have our own style, its own clear positioning, but also take care of the psychological needs and preferences of consumers. Both must be one, if only our own preferences, because of his does not have the what consumers buy what conditions to meet and follow is also a way, so we must first  cater to, not cater to become isolated.  So in this development process, we have to make full use of Chinese elements and excavation, on the other hand to firmly lock their brand's target consumers, a profound understanding of their consumption needs. Then follow the pattern of the luxury brand's temperament and, step by step trek, before loading the line reporter: now more and more luxury brands are pouring into China, which is the luxury brand forward opposing ambitions pose a great threat to the Red Dragonfly?

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