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Created by baiyun
Bus rule 20

9, it is best not to fart, if you want to put, gently put, remember to let fart, be sure to immediately hand over his nose and glared at the man next to you, with eyes condemn him fart so rude. Not only had the wicked, who can also fart to complain 10, in addition to the fart, you should try to avoid the next person, looking, looking people in the eye when you close a very rude, unless that person is your lover, enemy also or you are an ophthalmologist 11, although not in the car my eyes watching you, but you should close my eyes look cleavage, everyone should know how to seize the opportunity to 12, if someone smoking in the car, you use the hand in front of the fan  to fan desperately Go and loud cough. He neglects to your move, you'll be that kid you lift the heel and loudly denounced him. If he considered, I suggest you stop breathing, you should do so, and you wear glasses after all just a frail scholar 13, standing in front of you if there is beauty, her hair gently sniffing fragrant like, <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/BVLGARI-ERGON-SERIES.html">Bulgari ergon </a> do not try to hand to touched her ass. Unless you think that eating ears will be very High!

14, respecting the privacy of others, such as the guy next to you forget zipping not wanted to tell him, lol like 15, for the sake of others, in a very crowded carriage do not take up much space. If you have a congenital or acquired large breasts, and across his chest with both hands to press it flat. If you find it troublesome, I'd be happy to help you 17, if you crashed that one is, in addition to jumping, I think you can do 18, it was the dog in the car is the most annoying, you can in your trousers wipe some arsenic, so that's no reason to bite your trousers 19 animals dead for no apparent reason, do not talk to strangers in the car, if someone says to you: ? Let me, please, I want to get off the Ignore He, installed 20 to hear if there are pregnant women giving birth in the car, <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/CHOPARD-MENS-MILLE-MIGLIA-GRAN-TURISMO.html">mille miglia gt xl </a> you can choose to help, voyeur or peeping after fainting.

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