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Created by baiyun
Bus 4 to Lingshanwei transit hub

To inform you about the extension of the public bus routes to 4 Lingshanwei transit hub station:

To facilitate exchanges and Development Jiaonan public bus lines to achieve with the transit hub Jiaonan Lingshanwei butt, approved by city bus competent authorities, the district scheduled May 24 () extends from the bus route to Jiaonan 4 lingshanwei transit hub, as follows:

Original <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Cartier-Tank-Louis-watches--265-1.html">Cartier Tank Louis</a> four alignments: the hub via a tunnel Xuejiadao Lijiang Road South Voeux Road, Golden Beach Road, Stone bird Beach Road, Mount Road, Changjiang Road, the Yangtze River middle reaches of the Yangtze River Haier Avenue West adjustment programs: the tunnel Xue After the departure hub island home to Haier Avenue station along the original line runs through the Kunlun mountain, Lijiang Road to reach Lingshanwei transit hub, along the sunny additional Jimiya West Station and North Station; return from the transit hub Lingshanwei Station Departure Arrival by Haier Changjiang West Avenue Station, the original is located in the south of the village of Waterloo Waterloo Luo Luo sub stations adjust to four line extends toward the Yangtze River Road adjustment: Xuejiadao tunnel from the hub by South Voeux Road Lijiang Road, Golden Beach Road, Stone bird Beach Road, Mount Road, Changjiang Road, Changjiang Road, Changjiang Road, Kunlun Shan, Li River Road to reach lingshanwei hub, return the transit hub lingshanwei reach Haier Avenue Station via the Yangtze River Road After the restoration of the original line site settings: <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Chopard-Happy-Spirit-watches--283-1.html">Chopard Happy Spirit</a> Xuejiadao tunnel junction, mountains placement cell, Nanchuang one, Nam Theun, Film Academy, Golden Beach East, Yantai ago, Golden Beach, Golden Beach West, South Camp area, home to the West Rhine, Mount Road, Central Primary School, Zerun Financial Plaza, Xuejiadao, Xuejiadao market, Fu Ying Fairview former City Polytechnic University, Ding River, the district government, the city crown, Century Mall, home good source, long-distance stations, Petroleum University, Lu Shang Blue Coast international, Port Royal, Haier Road, sunny West Jimiya North lingshanwei transit hub. Return to lingshanwei transit hub, Waterloo Los child, Haier Road, the Royal Hong Kong ...... tunnel Xuejiadao hub first and last car time:

Xuejiadao tunnel junction - 5:50,22:15;

Lingshanwei transit hub - 5:30,22:00 fare: the introduction of unmanned, full fare one yuan for the early realization of Huangdao District with the opening of direct bus Jiaonan currently Creation sunny West Point, Jimiya North Station two bus <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Cartier-Tank-Solo-watches-267-1.html">Cartier Tank Solo</a> stops have been completed site facilities layout. Due to work stress, along the lines of other sites have not changed the information. We will amend the information as soon as the stop sign, so the inconvenience to you, please forgive me.

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