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Created by baiyun
Bund 27 Merchants tough road from Fifth Avenue to the Rolex

Bund (Jardine Matheson) 27 is finally open for business, but this time the object assigned by the Fifth Avenue department store downgraded to Rolex By East real estate reporter Tong Danxia

Rolex introduced, for many owners is a matter worthy of rejoicing, but for the Bund on the 27th was the force in the introduction of this Fifth Avenue department store owners, psychological gap exists in the industry seems inevitable, the introduction of the first Fifth Avenue department store is equivalent to the introduction of many <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Hamilton-Watches-60.html">Hamilton Watches Replcia </a> top luxury brands such as LV, Gucci, Prada, etc., but also a one-time introduction of numerous retail brands, and this brand is just a store that is difficult to match the Rolex and the Bund 27 No rental half

According to insiders, the East real estate, said the introduction of the Bund on the 27th Rolex, contracted area of ​​nearly 1000 square meters East real estate to see in front of the Bund on the 27th, the first floor has been demonstrated outside the window there Rolex posters , but did not start on the first floor interior decoration. Then East real estate Rolex related media contact person in charge of Miss Deng, which confirmed the signing, but has yet to determine when opening a timetable under normal circumstances speculated brands shop fitting more time over the six months, according to the current schedule The store should be opened around the end of the year East real estate Another learned from the Bund on the 27th at the site staff, in addition to a floor has signed Rolex, the second floor, third floor also has a catering contract brand, currently under renovation, expected to be in After an internal trial operation on June 15. The 7th Floor, 8th Floor, ready to open Roosevelt Bar, with 2,3 floor while test operation is worth pondering is the Bund on the 27th has been expounded by the China Merchants Fund Roosevelt, and now is about to test whether self-operated Roosevelt Bar rented by the Roosevelt Fund is still unclear total of 8 floors of the Bund on the 27th floor, according to the above staff say, more than half of the current lease, 3-6 floor left, according to the current investment Bund 27 format, catering to occupy most of the ratio, which completely disrupted the positioning of luxury department store building before the idea of ​​CB Richard Ellis Commercial Services Director Li Pei Ling believes, but in her opinion, would be regarded as the main dining solve this problem one way rental buildings crashed the first Fifth Avenue Merchants degrading

From Fifth Avenue department store to Rolex, the Bund 27 Merchants Road full of twists and turns in the 2008 renovation of the Bund on the 27th again in charge of the project investment in China has revealed that Roosevelt Fund will be stationed on Fifth Avenue or in 2010, which Shanghai and China will become the first home. That time is more exciting, the Bund on the 27th with a total gross floor area will be the Fifth Avenue stores in the United States three times in general, however, a global financial crisis broke the Chinese people shopping on Fifth Avenue in Shanghai dream. As the most expensive global retail rents on Fifth Avenue, the arrival of the financial crisis forced many brands on the one hand requires lower Fifth Avenue rents fell spending power on the other hand also makes Fifth Avenue, the <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/A-Lange-Sohne-Watches-1.html">A Lange & Sohne Watches Replcia </a> most severe ever experienced declining sales crisis East real estate previously reported, Fifth Avenue risk of bankruptcy because of the financial crisis, and this series of storm also slowed <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Movado-Watches-26.html">Movado Watches Replcia </a> the pace to enter China, culminating in the first half of 2009 proved to Fifth Avenue will not be stationed in crashed Bund 27 After Fifth Avenue, Roosevelt China Fund had to find other brands, however, unfortunately, Lot No. 27, in which on the one hand because of the Bund completely renovated affected; hand Peninsula its perimeter, Yifeng Matheson, Rockefeller Bund and other projects are on the Bund 27 Merchants pressure, a time of oversupply of retail space in the region is more bad news is that many top luxury brands such as Chanel, Prada have already reached lease agreement with the Peninsula Hotel in the background of this , the Bund on the 27th Rolex final contract, although the original intention of the target are far away, but already it is not easy to enter the luxury shop quiet period

Despite the Huaihai Road, Shanghai, the Bund and other top district's top luxury stores have opened, but according to the five rows of shops Merchants responsible person said, in fact, the top district contracted with the top luxury stores have been completed in a multi-year, while With the top luxury stores in Shanghai saturation, top luxury shop in Shanghai will enter a quiet period Jones Lang LaSalle, director of retail ˴ to top luxury LV for example, which is currently in Shanghai there are three large-scale stores and a LV Building Hongqiao, so that the number has exceeded Beijing's top luxury goods in addition to market saturation in Shanghai, the Dengru Shun told East real estate, the top district rents continue to rise, the pace of the slowdown has also led to its investment, according to Jones Lang LaSalle Line a quarterly report, the first floor of prime retail rents in Shanghai rose 1.1 percent to 49.4 yuan / square meter / day. The most sought after top luxury Plaza, according to CB Richard Ellis Commercial Services Director Li Pei Ling introduced its rent per square meter per day is constantly refreshed record, reaching 66-83 million this regard, not only Dengru Shun, shops in Shanghai Merchants staff said, space cooperation with top luxury brands getting smaller, when the future will be more investment for the owners of a second-tier brands to strengthen cooperation with.

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